Friday, May 3, 2013


This morning was a shock to us.  It was 45 degrees outside but the rig warmed up in no time and Bill was able to get his shower.  Did I mention we have a thermometer in our bathroom?  Bill doesn't turn the shower on unless it is 72 degrees in the bathroom.

Dave came over to change our over the bed light to one with a double switch.  He needed some wire connectors so off to Ace we all went.  We stopped at the shopping area and Bill was able to find some Wrangler jean shorts for $10.

As we were returning we stopped at the lodge to see what time we could set up for the show.  Saw Jack unloading and stopped to say "hello".  He told us of a mutual friend, Eddie, who was in the hospital because he had a heart bypass.

We were inside setting up when my cell phone rang.  It was an Escapee newsletter editor, Hank Whitney, calling to tell us that another chapter member had died a few hours earlier.

I came back to the rig to let Sherry and Dave know about Tom Winters dying.  They weren't able to install the light so I found another project for Dave.  He installed a double towel bar in our bathroom.

We were just finishing up when Jeanne and Nick Schmidt pulled up to take us to Moose Henri's  for dinner. It was a really neat microbrewery and they had wonderful fish tacos.  Bill had a beer sampler.

After dinner Jeanne drove us to see where their lot was.  What a beautiful place!  It was nice seeing Jeanne and Nick again.

See Ya!

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  1. Looks like a beautiful site. It was so sad to hear about Tom's death. A beer sampler??? Too funny.


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