Sunday, June 30, 2013

Escapade--Day 1

Once the Escapade gets underway there's no time to catch your breath.  Yesterday was registration and we picked up our welcome bag.  A RV dealer has over 70 rv's on display.  Bill and I walked through all the 5th wheels and came out smiling saying we were very glad we got the one we did.  

Here we have Sharon and Don Del Rosario managing the lost and found desk.  Believe me they are not lost.  I can't believe how they keep track of all the things they are involved in.

Frank and Gloria King are manning the sign up area for volunteers.  Bill and I signed up to help with the ice cream social and also serving the 35th birthday bash cake for the dinner.

After dinner we walked with Joe and Alice Knox over to the other side of the Cam Plex to find another chapter member, Ed Allard, who had just arrived. Ed was his normal self looking forward to the deeeeeesserts!

Our morning began with a walk over to the Wyoming Center to view the market place.  

It was very nice to see Escapee friends Jeanne and Bill Parrish.  We haven't seen them in a while and enjoyed talking with them.  

Bill found some quick connect water  connections that were American made and we bought a few.  

The opening ceremonies started at 3 pm in the Spirit Hall.  There were many door prizes given away.  Kay Petersen, founder of the Escapees, gave a resounding and entertaining speech.  She was welcomed with a standing ovation.  

The "Row" parade of banners was next.  Each chapter and BOF (Birds of a Feather) groups within the Escapees parade through the hall with their banners.  Bill and I were on the "row" last year.  We were responsible for representing our chapter and telling others about the fun things the chapter does.  We belong to Chapter 45, 44, and 21 and the Boomers BOF.  We were unable to watch this part as we were preparing the ice cream for the social.  

You wouldn't believe how fast everyone got served their ice cream.  

After the social we quickly returned to the rig for dinner in order to be back to the Spirit Hall for the evening entertainment.  The evening started with more door prizes. And then the entertainment started.  

It's almost done.  Do you want it rare?

Ron and Kay Rivoli were the performers.  While they were very funny and sang some appropriate RV songs, they were also very serious about being an American.  They sang songs honoring the service men.  Ron and Kay perform in Nashville, Las Vegas and Branson.  

Notice the guitar that looks like an Airstream trailer.

Turtle safely.....

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