Thursday, July 25, 2013


Perfect weather was in store for us when we woke up. Our adventures started at 9 am.  Les and Darlene Atkinson asked us to join them for the drive to Omaha.  Everyone that knows Bill knows how much he hates to drive in big cities.

Our first stop was the Mormon Trail Center.  
25 people were in our group and we went downstairs to a theater large enough to seat everyone for a 15 minute video that is only shown at this location.

Sister Jones was our guide and she took half of the group through the museum while another Sister took the other group to the cemetery.
She told the story of the Mormons trek west from Navoo, Illinois to their winter camp in Florence (Omaha). We have previously been to Navoo to visit Joseph Smith and the Temple.  

 They built 500 buildings to live in during the winter. 
 They left Florence in the spring on their trek to Zion.
One interesting thing I learned when she showed us this exhibit of the provisions they took with them was that they actually took alcohol in those days.

They used this early version of an odometer to record the trail mileage.  What a brilliant invention!
This was a replica hand cart that you could pull to see how heavy it was.  It was no easy task.

After our tour through the museum Sister Jones took us to the cemetery where I believe  there were 377 bodies buried.

We learned a lot about the Mormon's Trail.  I did learn about the 500 Mormon men who were recruited for the Mexican War. This helped us understand the historic marker near our home in Casa Grande and what the battalion was about. 

Jan Kelp gave us some options for lunch.  There were many unique restaurants in the Old Market.  She also mentioned Johnny's Cafe was celebrating their 90th anniversary this week.  They were having a special on prime rib for $24 for two which included soup, side dish, choice of potato and small loaf of bread. Everyone decided to go to Johnny's.  Mary made a quick call to tell them there were 25 coming.  The meal and service were superb.  

We waddled back to the truck after eating such a large meal.  I only saw one to go box among the whole group and the prime rib was on a large plate by itself.  Sorry I didn't bring the camera into the restaurant.

Most normal people would have called it a day but we still had two more stops.  The next stop was the Durham Museum.
The museum is housed in Omaha's Union Station built in 1931 and was used until 1971.  This train station is decorated in the art deco style.  Our docent explained that the ceilings are 60 feet tall.  
There were bronze statues placed strategically about the station.

 The snack bar even had  candy jars.  Bill suggested an ice cream sundae but we were all still stuffed from lunch.

We went downstairs and there was a train that we walked through.  

We all sat in the club car and ordered drinks, but none came.

This was in the Pullman car. 

There was many exhibits one of which was a replica of an ancient Native American earth lodge.
Unfortunately, with the background music and the kids in the museum it was difficult to hear our guide.  We were all happy to find somewhere to sit for a few moments.

There was a special exhibit on coins and we weren't allowed to take photos in there.  

There was a very large railroad display complete with town layout but the trains weren't running. They have a drive-in movie playing a 50's movie. 

Everyone wanted to see "Sue" the largest dinosaur skeleton found intact in South Dakota.  
 Bill is checking the train schedule withk a stiff man  but said there wasn't any due in.  

One more to go!  Off to the "Old Market" we went.  It's an area of old buildings converted into shops and restaurants.  There were more restaurants and bars than anything else.  We walked up and down the streets.  No one bought a thing.  Musicians were playing on the street corners and flowers were everywhere.
We arrived back to Pine Grove Campground in time to find Charlie and Ron putting together Ron's purchase of a fire ring from Menard's.
Later we went over to the fire ring but didn't stay long as it was getting cold.  

Turtle Safely.......

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  1. I'm exhausted just reading your post. That is definitely getting a full day crammed in. Bill, Jim would have joined you for the ice cream. He says there's always room cause it melts and runs down in all the empty crevices.


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