Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cars, Cars and More Cars

We were totally exhausted from yesterday's adventures and woke up thinking maybe we would go golfing or to the movies.  Of course things don't always go the way you plan.

I awoke to rain hitting the side of the trailer.  That's strange the sun is out and there isn't a cloud in the sky.
Upon further investigation our neighbor put a sprinkler hose (I think that is what they are called) right along the slide outs.  The water was going up on the roof.  I went out to the truck and the water was going over the top of it and making a big mud hole beside it.  The water here is very hard and the sun on the water spots didn't help.  Anybody that knows Bill knows he likes a clean truck.  He didn't want those hard water spots to fry in the sun.  

By the time he finished cleaning the truck, the Diamondbacks were starting on TV.  As much as we piled into the last few days, that's all we could squeeze in today.

I'll tell you a little about the Cruise Nite and then just post the photos.  I heard someone say there were 585 vehicles entered.  It wasn't just a couple of blocks of cars.  There were about 10 blocks down Central and then all the side streets were also filled with them.  They were backed in to the curb on both sides of the street and then a row down the middle.  The "shine and show" started at 11 am and at 5 pm they had a parade down the street.  The parade lasted an hour and other than the boy scouts color guard they were all cars and one motorcycle and the Shriner's motorcycles.  
The spectators were really enjoying the show and interaction with the owners.
 The neat thing about the show is it was held in the "Bricks", the old but thriving historical section of town.  Everything was so neat and tidy.  Not a speck of litter.  Flowers, benches and trees lined the streets.  I didn't see one empty building.  

Miss Nebraska was signing autographs.
They really had great weather and turnout.

This one was from a body shop in Bayard, NE.  My brother-in-law's first name is Bayard.

This one was sale.
This was really unique with the chickens in the back.
All of a sudden all the cars lining the streets were gone and the parade started.
When the boy scouts came down the street everyone immediately stood up and cheered.
The family standing next to  us had a little girl.  The girl said, "Mommy look at the princess".    The Mom said, "It's Miss Nebraska.  
The cars kept coming and even though we didn't bring chairs to sit in, we didn't get tired of watching them roll down the street.

I have a couple hundred more photos, but these are just a few.  The nice thing about this show is they also parade the cars in front of the senior assisted living places in town.  

Today they were having a bar-b-cue but we opted to just put our feet up and relax.  

Turtle Safely......


  1. Some really gorgeous cars and trucks. Jim still dreams of winning the lottery and buying himself a street rod. So did you have to get your neighbor to turn off the water. There must be a way for them to keep it in their own site. A down day is a good thing once in awhile.

    1. I went and turned it off. He apologized and offered to help Bill clean the truck. Bill said "No thanks."


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