Monday, July 29, 2013

Last Night at Pine Grove

I can't believe how quickly this past week has gone by. We've meet some really nice people.  

Bill said today to put us on the waiting list for the Montana Rally in Goshen, IN. Now I had to promise him we'd spent the summer and fall in the west.  I said we wouldn't cross the Mississippi River.  You know we've had a good time, if Bill suggests going east.  

We are on the waiting list so there are no guarantees we'll be able to go but we'd love to meet up with these Montana owners again.

I think about half left today, the official last day.  It's a shame that there was a very light rain most of the morning but the locals said they really needed the rain.

We did laundry today and it was nice that we were so close to it.  The other nice thing was they only cost $1.50 a load.  

And since there were about a dozen of us left, why not have a potluck?  Once again it was great.  Cathy, owner of Pine Grove RV Park, let us use the clubhouse and the pitchers of beer made the meal even greater.  Cathy then had a comedy video of a Las Vegas show that every one enjoyed.  

Tomorrow we head to Leach Camper Sales to get the coax replaced.  We'll probably spend the night in Iowa somewhere.  

I talked with Sherry and she wants to meet us earlier which will give us about 10 days to go 400 miles.  I think we can do it, if we don't get distracted.  

This blog seems so short after the past week but we really needed a slower pace today.  Hopefully, in bed before midnight.

Turtle Safely..........

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  1. So glad you had such a great time and fingers and toes crossed that you get to go to Goshen.


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