Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Moose Parking

St. Ignace, Michigan
Moose Lodge 

We left Sault St. Marie yesterday under a blanket of fog.  The fog had cleared enough not to hamper driving but it was pretty dreary looking until we reached St. Ignace. 
Don lead the way.

This is the way the day looked.  Not many folks on the highway.
We thought we were back in Minnesota when we saw the sign for De Tour Village.  
We are at the Moose Lodge for a great sum of $10 per night.  
When we went in to  pay they had just taken these pasties  out of the oven.  They were still warm so we took one for lunch.  They were very good but no way could we have eaten a whole one.   

Don drove us into town and I didn't have my camera along.  What a pretty little town.  After stocking up on a few groceries, we headed back and Sharon spotted a Mexican Restaurant that we decided to return to for dinner.  

 The restaurant was on the water and we were seated right next to a window that made it difficult to get any good pictures.
We thought these bottle holders were unique.

Today we went to Cheboygan  for a Wal-Mart run.  There happened to be a little farmer's market across the street. 

Don wanted to go to a pizza place in Mackinaw City that he'd been to a long time ago.  He described it and I thought we'd been there too.  
  Mama Mia's wasn't as crowded as the last time we were there.  The restaurant plays tribute to the iron workers of the bridge.  
On the second floor is the Mackinaw Bridge Museum which is free.  Did I mention free?  There was a very old video of what it took to construct the Mackinaw Bridge.  It's a great explanation of the dangers and logistics of building a bridge and truly amazing that there weren't more than the 5 deaths during this dangerous construction.  

Not many businesses honor iron workers and I believe this is the first statue of one I've ever seen.
I must enjoy having someone else drive over these bridges.  This is the second picture in a few days of Don doing it.  

Don fixed "trash" for dinner.  I realize he has a problem with the English language.  There is no way it was trash, it was delicious.  Eat your heart out folks, he made it with leftover tri tips.  

Bill and Don walked over to the lodge and paid for another night.  It's very quiet and if it weren't for the mosquitoes it would be really nice here.  

Turtle Safely......

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  1. And I thought we did a lot of eating but I think you guys are catching up with us.


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