Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Brain Meltdown Continues

Baraboo, Wisconsin
Fox Hill RV Park and Campground

We woke up this morning to dark skies.  Our plans for the day included the Ringling Circus Museum.  I checked the weather forecast and it showed light sprinkles until 10:30.  That was fine with us as we were just lounging around watching the morning news and checking e-mails.  

I got a phone call from Sharon this morning.  She thought I might be confused.  Can you imagine that!   We were suppose to meet them at the Saulte St. Marie Elks tomorrow.  The reservations started on the 23rd through 27th.  I somehow wrote it down that the reservations started on the 27th.  We aren't up to putting that long a day into getting there, so we told them we'd be there on Saturday.  Being the great people that Don and Sharon are, they said they'd have dinner ready when we got there.  You can't beat friends like that!

About 11 we decided to fuel up the truck and go to the store.  I needed a new bath rug as ours is starting to fall apart so we drove over to the Tangier Outlet Mall we saw at the interstate exit.  What a disappointment.  I couldn't find any store that handled linens.  I had no desire to go through the clothing or shoes stores as there were wild kids everywhere and the noise was unbearable. 

As we were driving away we saw a hold up!  When we saw this big cowboy we checked the map to make sure we hadn't taken a wrong turn and ended up in Texas!  

As usual we ended up at Walmart for our bread and milk.  We weren't impressed with this area.  The roads are terrible and nothing really appears to be neat.  Weeds were coming up through all the sidewalk cracks.  

As we were leaving Walmart we went down a road that had a sign in disrepair that said it was the site of the Ringling Circus.  Well I thought that was part of the circus museum we were going to see.  I checked it out on the internet and all the things to see were at a specific time.  Admission for seniors was $15.95.  The more I read the less appealing it sounded.  Since we were getting a late start we decided to forget it.  

While we were touring Mill City Museum in Minnesota I bought a little square tray for the truck to use for our snacks that I put on the dash while we are tooling down the highway.  Yesterday was the first day I used it.
I found it fit perfectly in a hole (some place for an option we didn't get) below the air conditioning controls.
It will slide out like a drawer when you want to fill it with fruit or crackers.  I guess I should have cleaned out the cookie crumbs before taking the photo.  I love it when you buy something and find a better use for it.

Tomorrow we should be in a different time zone and sleeping in Michigan.

Turtle Safely........

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  1. You're really on a roll. Jim and I always have to double check with each other on dates and often they don't match. I think $16 for the museum is pretty steep even if it was a really great one. Be safe.


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