Friday, August 9, 2013

Thrown out of the casino

I didn't realize how missing a day or two of blogging has readers wondering where we are.  

We left Clear Lake, Iowa on Tuesday and pulled into Prior Lake, MN.  The roads were so rough we stayed on the interstate.  We were suppose to meet Sherry and Dave at Mystic Lake Casino RV Park on Friday and stay there until our reservations at Tilley's in Oronoco started on the 14th.   I thought by pulling into Mystic Lake early we'd just do a weekly rate.

Wrong!  They told us we could stay two days and then we'd have to leave.  I called Sherry and they had told her we'd be on a waiting list for the weekend.  I went down yesterday and they let us extend for one day, but we'd have to leave today.  The two trailers next to us also had to leave.

Sherry made reservations for us at Treasure Island Casino in Welch, MN for three days.  We pulled in and were just finishing setting up when they pulled in.  

Dave suggested we drive to Sportsmen Guide warehouse.  Every time we've been here Bill has visited the warehouse.  They usually have some great buys but we didn't get much.  I found a 50 amp 15 foot extension cord and showed it to Sherry and Dave.  We wouldn't be without ours.  It was $19.  That was a very good buy.  

We walked over to the casino for dinner.  They had a steak and crab cakes for $9.99.  It was OK.  

We have tickets for the Gangster Tour and Cave Tour for tomorrow.  We're looking forward to it. 

Believe it or, we've done nothing the last few days but read a couple of books and go for a walk.  The weather has been cool in the mornings but the afternoons cloud up.  

I was in a panic because I couldn't get into the Montana Owners Club site.  I e-mailed Ron, and he said make sure I was logged in.  It's been one of those days when the brain doesn't seem to want to work.  I wasn't logged in but when I checked we're still number one on the waiting list.  

That about sums it up.....nothing happening.

Turtle Safely.......

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