Thursday, September 5, 2013

Adoption Papers

Yesterday was a very pleasant drive.  What a difference from the rainy day crossing the Mackinaw Bridge.  The sun was shining, little wind and not much traffic.  We came down highway 127 which was a nice smooth 4 lane.  

 We could actually see Don and Sharon's coach this trip.
We stopped for lunch at this very cheap restaurant in Edmore called an empty parking lot.  Notice there was no one to wait on us and the menu was called whatever there is in the refrigerator.  
 A Navy landing boat was across the parking lot.  Mission completed, no men, no water.  

We followed highway 66 into Ionia and arrived at about 1 pm.  We thought we were going to be early birds.  Should have known we were going to an Escapee Rally and nobody arrives the day of the rally.  Everyone is early.  

Before we knew it is was time for Happy Hour.  The weather is gorgeous and perfect for sitting outside socializing.  
It was nice to see some faces we recognized from Chapter 21--Bunny and Bruce Radcliff. 
Of course, everyone headed out to a restaurant for dinner.  We had a coupon for the Lamplighter Restaurant which is located on Main Street.  They were celebrating their 10th anniversary and every entree was $10.  
What a beautiful little town with flowers everywhere.
Most of the old buildings were tastefully restored.  The brick street and old style lampposts added to its charm.
This morning Bill was under the weather so I went to the Farmer's Market with Don and Sharon.  Finally found some tomatoes that really smelled like a tomato.  I bought a few things but knowing that we are at a rally and very little cooking goes on in our kitchen during one.

There's a nice little walking bridge across the river.  It looked a lot deeper when you get to the middle of the bridge.  You can see our Monty in the middle of the photo. 
This is a beautiful fairground and everything is well taken care of.  
Bill walked around the Free Fairgrounds with me trying to find out where the dump station was located.
That sapped him and back to the couch he went.  
I didn't hear how many rigs were here, but I imagine between 20 and 25.
Here's Don and Sharon, the adoptive children, with their new parents.
Here I am with my new parents, Diane and Roger Ferguson.
I was presented an Adoption certificate and a pin that says "Adopted by Chapter 6". 

We decided to stay home for dinner and allow Bill time to get to feeling better.  Tomorrow's another busy day.

Turtle Safely.......

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  1. Bill - you need to feel better so you can party. And Jan - we'll never be even for Monte. Have fun at your Rally.


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