Saturday, September 21, 2013

Johnny Appleseed

Auburn, Indiana
Fireside RV Resort 

Okay, I admit it.  I thought the Johnny Appleseed Festival was going to be the same old arts and craft fair with 10-20 booths.  Polly Miller suggested we leave by 9 am as the parking lot fills up and she was right. 

 The festival was suppose to begin at 10 am but when we arrived at the coliseum parking lot it was nearly full.  It was a beautiful crisp day perfect for a light jacket. 

This festival had it all--antiques, floral, farmers markets, historic re-enactments, dancing, music, quality arts and crafts, re-enactment gear, everyone wearing period clothing, children's games, and entertainment on six different stages.  All this  and there was no admission charge just a small charge to park.   

Bill knew that John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed passed through his hometown of Wellsburg, WV but never knew where he went afterwards.

First let me tell you about the Johnny Appleseed Archer Park where it was held.  It was a beautiful setting along the St. Joseph River and there were sections for different areas.  One area you walked across a small bridge for the Traders and Trappers Section.  I was fascinated to watch the skill of knapping which is how arrows are made.

There was so much going on all the time.  The Drum and Fife group had some children learning to play their primitive flutes under the direction of their instructor.  The cannons were being shot while a group playing the bag pipes marched by us.  

On the directory there were 107 booths with just arts and crafts.
There were 40 different demonstrations such as tin weave, corn husk, wood products, stoneware, blacksmith, weaving, leather work, and even scarecrows.

The Living History Encampment encompassed re-enactors from the infantry, naval, and artillery life during the 1812 era, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. They really enjoyed playing the parts.

The settlers pioneer village and country store area was my favorite.  Authentic pioneer recipes were used to prepare all kinds of foods over open fires.  I wish I had taken a picture of the stacks of wood they were going through.  I did happen to find a really great place for beef brisket.  This vendor had won some awards and he definitely gets my vote!  The smells were enticing.  

Church groups, school programs, scouts and other organizations were all participating in the festival.  

We saw this fellow and then later in the afternoon it looked like he was standing guard over the grave.  
Bill liked his "outfit."

This was my favorite vendor, even better than the brisket.  Heaven in a bowl was hot apple and peach crisp.  Bill and I split a bowl on our way to the Traders and Trappers area.  It was so good after walking through the whole settlers country store we came back over and split another big bowl of it.  Then before we left we ordered one bowl to go.

I guess I also failed to mention the great show the cloggers put on.  There was also a reenactment of a medicine man show in which the performer played on a dulcimer over 100 years old.  

We didn't even get to the pie baking contest section.  We tried to see everything but it was very crowded and there were huge lines for food even though they moved fast.  
It was a wonderful fun day and we were so glad that the Chapter 51 Escapees planned their rally around it.  We'll put this on the list to see again.  

By the time we drove the 16 miles back to Auburn, it was almost time for social hour.  After happy hour the chapter  had a bingo game with half the proceeds going to CARE. The wind really picked up while we were playing and they tried to shorten the games.  It dropped down into the 60's. I was glad when it was over and we could come back home and turn on the fireplace.   

Turtle Safely..........

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  1. Other than all the people that sounds like a really fantastic festival. You won me over with the heaven in a bowl.


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