Monday, September 16, 2013

Pickle Showroom

Auburn, Indiana
Fireside Resort RV Park

Bill and I had a leisure drive to Auburn on Saturday.  This isn't the first time we've stayed at the Fireside Resort and it just happens to be the site of an Escapees rally where we will be VCR's beginning on Thursday.  We needed somewhere to be since the Elkhart County Fairgrounds in Goshen is closed to the public until the 23rd while the FMCA rally is going on. 

The weekly rate is $155 and we will have to backtrack back to Goshen, but we'll be in an entirely different area even though it's 50 miles apart.  

There are so many things to see here but we weren't in any hurry since we've seen most of the attractions in the area with Sharon and Roger Hime last year.  

Bill spent yesterday cleaning the truck, so of course it rained last night.  

We took a short drive to Fort Wayne today to purchase another throw rug for the kitchen.  I had purchased one in Goshen and liked it so much we went back to a Meijer to get another one.  
Everytime we are in an area where there is a Meijer we like to stop.  Meijer is like going to an upgraded Walmart.  You can find, sporting goods, ammo, clothes, housewares, fuel, shoes, groceries, pharmacy and even an optical shop. 

Hicksville wasn't far away and we just had to go and see it.  
Hicksville was like any other small town in the area.  We were going to get diesel until Bill had to back the truck to the pump over on the side of the building where the cars were parked.  One look at the old rusty pump and we both looked at each other and decided it might not be the freshest fuel we ever put in the truck.  Not in our truck!

As we were leaving Hicksville we passed this cemetery with this beautiful carving.

On our way back to Auburn we passed the turn off for St. Joe where we toured the Sechler Pickle Factory with Roger and Sharon last year.  I was out of pickles, so time to go to St. Joe.
How do you like the pickle signpost?
How many times have you been to a Fine Pickle Showroom?
They even had some gift items with pickles.
The nice thing about Sechler's is they have samples.  I would have never tried the raisin pickles but we liked them so well we bought two jars.  
I also bought a cinnamon apple pickle.  There were a lot of hot flavored kinds too.  Bill said there was a letter from President Eisenhower in the showcase thanking them for their pickles they sent to the White House.  

Here's a photo from last year when we actually did the plant tour.
 One thing we noticed on our drive today was how much the leaves are falling.  All the corn stalks were brown like they were decorating early for Halloween.

I loved this old "filling station".  
Here's another angle showing the Edsel sign.  I suppose all my friends know what Edsel was.

Turtle Safely.......


  1. Never have tried raisin pickles. Interesting. Love that Edsel sign. Tell Bill to quit washing the truck. They probably don't need any more rain.

  2. Being able to sample the various kinds of pickles would be great... kind of like wine tasting :). It just makes it better when you know what you are purchasing. Hate to buy something and get it home, only to find we don't really like it.


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