Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bill's new eyelids!

Casa Grande, Arizona
Home Base

Since my last blog, I spent Thursday and Friday with Bill at the Cardiologist's office for tests.  Monday we went for his eye appointment but the office didn't have the right doctor for his cataracts and Tuesday was spent going down to the VA in Tucson for Dad.  

We did manage to find time to go to the movies to see Last Vegas.  It really was a good movie, with a good message.  We both enjoyed it and highly recommend it.  

I received an e-mail from  Susie and Bud Walsh who we met at the MOC rally.  Susie wrote that they were coming to Casa Grande for the week and did we want to get together for lunch.  Food, isn't that every RVer's middle name?  Of course, we'll do lunch.  

Susie called the next morning to say she had to fly home for some personal business.  We chatted for awhile and it brought back memories of all the fun we had in Goshen at the Montana Owners Club Rally.  She gave me Bud's cell phone number as he stayed here with the dogs.  As it turns out they are in a RV park two blocks from us.  

Bud called while we were out today, but I told him we'd call him back when we got home.  When I called Bud, he said he'd be over in about 45 minutes.  Why is it when RVers get together they never run out of things to talk about?  The next thing I knew, it was completely dark outside.  We enjoyed our visit with Bud and look forward to seeing both of them.  

    Everyone who has ever met Bill knows how clean he keeps the outside of his truck.  It's a 2006 and has never been in a garage.  He has tried everything on the headlight lens from the sun damage on the plastic.  Some products help, but nothing lasts.  

We found some headlight covers on Amazon and Bill couldn't wait to install them.  

I think they look pretty good.  Bill never even hesitated about installing them.  They came with no directions.  
Is he happy?  A new accessory for his truck and he installed them all by himself. 

Turtle Safely........


  1. Now you just need to add eyelashes and it will be complete. Food and visiting are the holy grail of RVers. Hope all is well with the doctor appointments.

  2. Pretty sharp eyebrows for your truck, Bill!


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