Monday, January 20, 2014

Deletions, Repairs and Additions

Yesterday we decided we needed a day of doing nothing.  Roger and Sharon Hime decided to stay an extra day and go with Mike and Maureen Woodward to the Desert Bar in Parker.  

We went back over to the tent to see some things we missed.  We found a parking space right against the fence.  In all the years we've been coming here, we've never found parking this close.  There were less people than opening day.  It was such a beautiful day we walked the rest of Tyson Wells flea market.  We came back in time to watch part of the ball game.  

Sandie and Jim came over and we grilled some burgers.  Sharon and Roger joined us when they came back.  I think we all solved the world problems.  
Roger and Sharon Hime
Jim and Sandie Dixon

The MOC didn't have a happy hour because everyone wanted to watch the ball game.  

This morning Roger and Sharon started packing up.   Hickory somehow knows when it's time to head down the road.  
Hickory jumped into the back seat of the truck to wait for them to finish hitching up.  

Roger went back to getting ready to leave.  The next think I knew, Bill, Roger and Mike were pushing on the dining room slide.  

They tried everything to get it in.  Roger is someone that can repair anything.  I couldn't believe it when this stumped him.  

Jim came over with a screwdriver and said he was going to adjust our screen door from sticking.  In no time at all, he'd made the adjustment and it doesn't stick.  
Roger and Jim were talking about the hitch that they have in common.
Roger is explaining some of the alterations he's done to his hitch.  

During all this time Hickory has been in the back seat of the truck even though both doors were open, she wasn't moving.

Jerry, from Lippert Components Industries, was coming out to install our new steps so Roger asked him if he could help.  Jerry spent a couple of hours trying to get it closed.  These are the new style slides with the cables.  I'm not sure what they are called.  Jerry called the manufacturer and asked them what to do.  They wouldn't talk to him because  "he was the competition."  Jerry explained that they were in the middle of the desert far from any dealer and couldn't move with the slide out.  The fellow hung up on him.  

This is a 2014 Open Range that had the slide repaired last Monday.  Roger called a dealer in Quartzite and they said they'd try and come out but it would be late.  They didn't make it, so hopefully, they'll be out in the morning.  Tony and Peggy are getting married on Saturday and Roger and Sharon are anxious to be in California to help in the preparation. 

Since it was Monday and 15% discount day at Beall's Maureen took Sharon and I into town to check out the store.  

What a pleasure it is to have someone do installation work who tells you how happy he is working for Lippert Components.  

While we were in town Bill said these two women would take crap from anybody.  Roger and Mike decided to give them some crap.  
Happy Hour started at 4:30 and even though quite a few pulled out there were a lot of people there.

Redland Trucking called to say they have the parts and to bring the truck in at 10 am tomorrow.  

I know I comment on how helpful the MOC members are but here's another example.  I mentioned that we needed to back on the 23rd for Bill's pre-op appointment for his scheduled surgery.  John Kohl said not to worry, if the truck didn't get finished in time he'd see that we got back as long as we didn't have a pull-rite hitch.  MOC members are really family.  

Turtle Safely......

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