Friday, February 21, 2014

Catching our breath.

Casa Grande, AZ

Not much going on today.  Sometimes you just need a day of absolutely nothing.  

I didn't make the appointment for the VA for Dad, so I don't know why the confusion.  He was totally exhausted when we took him home.  By the time we returned he was gone over 5 hours.  That's just too long for someone almost 94 years old.  He had an eye test that could have been done in Casa Grande.  

As we were pulling into our garage I noticed this big "thing" hanging over the fence.  It almost looked like some big palm limbs from far away.  Bill was walking back from the mailbox and told me to get the camera.  I ran around in the house trying to find it and then remembered it must be in the truck. The "thing" turned out to be a big beautiful peacock.  I was so disappointed I didn't get a photo.

Wednesday we stopped and picked Vern Fogler up on our way to Apache Junction for the Escapees Chapter 45 luncheon.  There were a few more people than the time before, but nothing like we've had the last few years.  Joe wasn't able to make it as he was waiting for a toilet delivery but our new vice president, Doug Sage, did a nice job.  He asked Bill and I if we would be the rally hosts for the Amado Rally in October.  We just hosted one last month for Chapter 21 and just didn't want to commit since we're not sure where we'll be. 

We made our usual stop at the Ranch Produce Store and brought Vern home.  We visited with Polly awhile and I think she really enjoyed the company.  She was going to try and go, but thought better of it.  Hopefully she'll get the rods out next week and will be able to get around better.  

There's a whole fiasco regarding our window repair for the Mountaineer.  I'm sure there are two businesses in town wondering who that crazy lady is.  

I did stop in the RV park office to pay next year's storage and to let them know what happened.  The only reply was "we get some strong winds."  I'll probably never know how it was broken.  The repair should be complete next week.  

I do like the RV lock with the code to open or lock the coach.  If we stop by the storage area, we don't have to remember to bring the keys.  I made extra basement keys, and put them in the closet by the door so we'll have them too.  

Susie Walsh called and invited us for dinner.  What an enjoyable evening we had.  Bud gave us lessons on skiing.  I wish we'd have known all the things he was showing us when we were watching the Olympics.  We talked about our trip to Lake Havasau City for the Western Winter Blast.  They've decided to go with us next year.  They made reservations at the Casa Grande RV park and said they might change them to go to the Circling of the Wagons.  It's a busy time of the year for Bud so that will be a big commitment. 

Zoey, the younger golden retriever, was so excited to see Bill her paw scratched him.  His blood is so thin with his medications that the little scratch bled.  Susie and Bud felt bad, but it was just a minor scratch.  

We talked and enjoyed each others company and before you knew it, it was after 9.  I had suggested we walk over, but when we stayed so late I was glad we drove the car as that would have been a dark walk home.

Bill was happy to know we weren't going anywhere and found some time today to clean the van.  I can't ever remember seeing it so dirty.  We had it on some dirt roads and really needed inside and outside cleaning.  

The truck is patiently waiting to be next.  All this boon docking (camping with no hook ups) has a lot of desert dust on it.  

Sandie called this morning and it was good hearing her voice instead of e-mailing.  You can tell by the sound of her voice how relieved she is to know that the oncologist report for Jim was good.  She also reported he caught two fish.  Way to go, Jim.   

Turtle Safely......


  1. It was wonderful to talk to you. I miss that. You guys can use a breather before you start the next round of whatever.

  2. Glad you are having fun. Maureen and I leave Monday for Yuma for the Escapees State event. We signed up to volunteer which is why we are going a couple days early.


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