Sunday, February 16, 2014

Winter Blast Day 4

Lake Havasau City, Arizona
Rodeo Grounds Q5

I'll back up because I forgot to mention yesterday that we saw a mountain goat while on our walk.  

We slept in this morning until we heard a big boom.   They must have been practicing, we jumped out of bed when we heard it.

Bill and I visited with people and before we knew it dinner was being served.  Unfortunately, Dennis and Linda went to get dinner tickets after us and they were sold out.  They had a very nice band playing and people were dancing.  They needed Carol Hill here to get more dancers up on the dance floor though.  They also had draft beer for those that wanted it.  

The dinner was delicious.  The menu said chicken and tri-tip.  You could have two servings of whatever you chose.  Bill and I both got chicken and tri-tip.  Now the tri tip was not up to Don Del Rosario's standard but better than most restaurants.  It was well worth the ten bucks. They had a huge open dining area that was under roof where you could listen to the band, not that you needed any protection from the beautiful 90 degree days.  

The garlic bread is covering the lower level of food.
Linda and David Hatcher are enjoying theirs.

I took this photo for Sharon and Roger Hime.  I told you that you should have tagged along with us.

The show was spectacular.  I kept telling everyone last night--"you haven't seen anything yet."  After tonight they understood.  You can't describe it to anyone.  There is absolutely no photos that can do the show justice.

We watched the lines of cars coming in inching along and were thankful that we weren't in that traffic and had decided to do the rodeo grounds. 
We still decided our best viewing spots were right in front of our sites.  The bleachers are nice but this is so much better.  

In the middle of the show they stopped it because of a fire but resumed in about a 20 minutes.  

Tomorrow at noon we can reserve our same sites for next year.  While we are further away than the ones on top, we discovered we have a perfect view.  

We were planning on leaving tomorrow so we'd be back in time for a doctor appointment but we cancelled the appointment.  It's just way too much fun here.  

We've really enjoyed our time with Dennis and Linda Ward, David and Linda Hatcher and John Kohl.  It was nice having the small group and a chance to really get to know them.  I'm sure our paths will cross again. That's what RVing is about. 

One more day tomorrow of the Winter Blast.  

Turtle Safely......


  1. Sounds like the fun just continues. Glad you cancelled the appt so you can have more fun.

  2. Hmmm, doctors vs. fireworks? I think you got your priorities right! How close were you to the fires? The large shells on the north bunker seemed to be angled wrong from where we were sitting on the grounds, just inside the fencing next to the race track. Quite a few shells landed just outside the raceway wall and started small fires. Safety first! We have been to nine Winter Blasts and the only other "long" delay was when the wind shifted and was blowing and dropping embers over the "product" tents where the fireworks were stored! Finale was outstanding!!!

    1. The fire wasn't close to us, but there was one that was very close on Wednesday.


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