Sunday, March 2, 2014

Taxes or a Blog

Casa Grande, AZ
Back at the shack

Not much going on here, I was going to do the taxes but thought writing the blog sounded better.  We know the next couple of weeks will be very busy, so trying to catch up on some chores.  Bill washed and waxed the truck.  The inside looked terrible from all the boon docking on the sand and dirt.  Next was cleaning the car and since it was clean, we didn't want to put it in a dirty garage so cleaned that up. Do you get the picture? 
Vern Fogler checking it out.

We did get our camera for the RV installed.  I ended up ordering the wireless, because of the ease of installing it.  Vern and Bill played with it and I imagine we'll be adjusting it once we get a chance to take it out on the road.  Now we have something else to plug into the cigarette lighter--oops, I guess they don't call them that anymore.  

Bill had his post-op visit with the eye doctor.  She gave him a prescription for glasses, but he said he didn't want any.  He can see 20/25 now, so he is real pleased.  I'm trying to talk him into at least getting a pair of prescription sun glasses for driving since the surgery pays for some of the cost of the glasses.  Otherwise we end up buying really good sunglasses without some of the insurance paying.  He still needs some cheaters for tiny print but can read his magazines without anything. 

The economy must be going great because within a few hours, two of our friends called to say they made a big purchase.  I'll let them give the great news next week.  

It's hard to believe that Susie and Bud have been in Casa Grande almost a month.  She invited us to dinner yesterday but we were moving someone.  She is a really good cook so we were sorry we missed their company and good dinner.    

Anytime you need movers, just call Bill and I.  We emptied the place out in 2 hours.  Of course the weathermen were predicting heavy rains which made us work faster.  We didn't get very much at all here although, par for the course, the south side of town where my Dad used to live got more than we did.

We have two week long trips before we take off for the Escapade.  It will be here before long.  We're looking forward to having some Escapee friends in town next week and then some more the following week.  

I saw an advertisement for a garage sale within walking distance of us.  They had RV stuff listed so we had to go and checke it out.  We've been wanting to get a 30 amp surge protector for the generator.  Lucky us, they had one that looked like brand new.  

I wasn't worried about the weather forecast of rain for the first time in 70 days as the window in the 5th wheel has been replaced.  The window company made two trips to the storage and replaced the glass for $115. 

Turtle Safely........  


  1. I'd much rather blog than do taxes also. I look at mine and then go no - I'll do them later. Glad you got that window taken care of. We got a lot of rain here and it's really overcast now but they keep saying no more rain.

  2. I see the weather turned out to be a torando.

    Taxes done and in the bank already a week ago.


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