Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Woodcarver's Week

Congress, Arizona
North Ranch #57

Bill was off to class before I was even ready to go this morning. Do you think he was eager to carve?  I was signed up to do the lariat bowls for a 10 am class and decided to cook a pound of bacon this morning before class for my pot luck dish I was preparing later. The wood burner was calling me and I headed over to the activity center to do a little burning before the lariat class.  

Here's where I left off yesterday.

Here's all the Santa tree ornaments from Bill's class.

These are examples of some of beautiful carvings that have been done.

 I may not have any talent in the wood burning, but I'm having fun and that's what counts.  

I'm making a lariat bowl in this photo.  It takes a lot of strength in your fingers.  

Meanwhile back at the beginners class the ornaments have been painted.
Here's the happy class with their completed project.  
This lariat bowl took much longer than I thought it would to make but by lunch time it was complete.  
 This is where I left off at the end of the day.  I thought I had a photo of Don's project.  I'll take one tomorrow.  He is making a gift for his son and wait until you see it. 

 We arrived at the activity center at 5:15 as the potluck started at 5:30.  I can't believe it was an Escapee event.  There were only a few people.  They always arrive very early.  

I know it sounds strange but I wish I had a photo of the back of Sharon's head.  Her hair looked so pretty the way she styled it.  It nice looking good going and coming.  

Cheryl Kroll, on the left taught the lariat class and Sandy Kruty, right taught the pyrography class.

The winds had picked up when we left the activity center and it had cooled down.  Glad I brought a jacket.  

Until tomorrow..

Turtle Safely...

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