Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Casa Grande, AZ

We've been so busy I'll just try and post something so it won't be so hard to catch up.  

I drove to Casa Grande from the Chapter 21 Rally.  I must say I did my best job of backing the "Turtle" in.  It seems like it takes  longer and longer to get caught up on reading the mail and doing laundry.  

I had a frustrating week trying to get Dad's taxes completed.  Five trips to the tax "specialist" and Dad likes to be part of it.  The information was in to them in early February.  I was even more upset that they didn't discount his invoice.  I tried but they didn't give an inch.  

The next thing Dad insisted upon was getting a scale because he was worried he was gaining weight. I don't think 178 pounds is overweight. He tried every scale in Walmart and he thought if he had the right light he could read them. He's legally blind, but just won't admit he can't see. I finally convinced him that a talking one would be better. I found one on the internet and it arrived just after I had left so I went back the next day. The problem is we worry about it being a trip hazard, but there's no telling him that. I suggested he put it away until he uses it. His balance isn't good but he agreed to use it by the handrail in the bathroom. There are three trash cans within a 3 foot area that presents a trip hazard and a wobbly plastic table that shouts lean on me and I'll collapse.  How do you get through to someone who's almost 94 and doesn't think he needs a cane to steady himself?

Bill replaced the fuse in the truck. Yes, you read that right! When we drove to Tucson one of the cigarette lighters wasn't working. I guess my age is showing because I think they call them something else, but darn if I can remember what. We have 3 of them, but we use one for the camera, one for the GPS and third one for the tire monitors and I felt lost without one working.

On a good note, I called Verizon today regarding my overage charges last month.  They refunded all $140.  It was actually a pleasant experience talking with customer service.  

Bill had a new growth on his back come up while we were in Tucson.  I called the dermatologist office that he went to the time before last.  This last time he was given a physicians assistant and I wanted a real doctor to see him.  As it turns out the female doctor he last saw now has her own practice and moved from the office I called.  It turned out to be a good mistake.  We both liked this new doctor and he questioned a spot on his face that every other doctor has looked at and said not to worry.  This doctor took two biopsies and we should hear the results in a week.  All plans are on hold until we hear the results.  

Bill washed and waxed the truck.  I'm sure it didn't need waxing but he always waxes it after washing.  A guy walked across the parking lot to tell us what a good looking truck it is.  Not bad for an 2006 model with 130,000 miles and has never been garaged.  It really makes Bill beam.  

Joe and Alice Knox came down for lunch.  It really gave us a chance to talk.  Every time we see them, there's always a big group.  I showed them how to set up the Chapter 45 on the RV Village.  Hopefully, it will get information out about what chapter members are doing and keep everyone informed.  I'm happy to report that the Amado Rally will be happening in October.  You can e-mail Joe Knox for the registration form at joeknox007@yahoo.com. if you are interested.  

Next week we have three appointments and hopefully that will be it until next fall.  

We have an outing with Bud and Susie Walsh planned for Thursday.  Hopefully, I'll have some great photos from it.  I think it will be something different from most tours.  

Turtle Safely.............


  1. Fingers crossed for good results on the biopsies so you aren't delayed. It is frustrating to deal with an elderly parent (especially the male kind). Way to go Bill - with the fuse thingie.

  2. Say hello to Joe and Alice. We have met over the years at Winnebago rallies. They have the same rig as ours and remodeled their dinette area like ours.


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