Sunday, May 4, 2014


Springfield, Illinois
B 14

I forgot to mention an oops we had while in Lindsborg.  When we left the city park there were low hanging trees everywhere.  While dodging one side we hit a low hanging branch.  
The big "clear bubble" over the shower was hit and bent it out of shape.  Bill took the lower half down and popped the bubble back in shape.  It has a little crack in it so he put a little duct tape over the crack.  

Reluctantly, we left the city park in Paola this morning.  Dennis had shown us where the dump site and we would have never found it on our own.  The sunrise over the lake this morning was spectacular.  

Dennis and Linda have an RV friendly driveway so we pulled in on our way past their house.  Dennis got his 12 foot ladder out to check out our boo-boo. The battery was dead on my camera so I still didn't get any photos of the Ward's house.  
In no time at all, we were ready to leave but we just couldn't quit talking.  Finally, we left with the promise that we'd try and hook up again this summer.  We all have plans for Quartzite and the Winter Blast next winter but hope it's sooner when we see them again.  

Our plans were to stop at the Truman Presidential Library in Independence but I found out they were not open until noon on Sundays.  We thought about stopping at the Moose in Mexico but the book we were listening to was getting to the exciting part and we kept on going.  I think Bill drove about 200 miles and I only drove about a 100.  We wanted to get fuel in Missouri so I pulled into a station right at the state line.  Bill took over the driving from that point and was I ever glad.

This was a very narrow bridge that takes you into Illinois.  It was on US 54.  

The fairgrounds have very few rigs here .  I have expected Frank and Gloria King to be here, but I realized we were talking about two different Springfields--one in Missouri and one in Illinois. 

We have Escapees friends meeting us here tomorrow.  We're a 5 hour drive from our meeting place for the Escapade.  It's getting close.

Turtle Safely........

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  1. Good you were able to fix your boo boo. They are expensive.


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