Thursday, May 8, 2014

We're learning how to Veg.

Bremen, Indiana
Pla-Mor Campground
P 69

It's really difficult when you are RVing to sit back and relax. There are so many interesting things, people and places that keep you energized.  Since we've left Arizona two weeks ago we've traveled over 2,000 miles and met up with three different couples.  

Today was the day to just sit back and enjoy this beautiful location and perfect RV park.  I don't think we got dressed until after 9 am.  Bill sat outside and read his latest Jack Reacher book.  I even ran the vacuum!  

I got my fancy case with my pyrography equipment out.  Don had given me a pattern of a tortoise I wanted to burn and today was the day to get started.  I got everything out and realized I didn't have any blue painters tape.  Bill and I hopped in the truck to go find the tape.  

Bremen is a very small quaint town.  We parked on the main street of town and were surprised that there were no parking meters.  We found a very clean well stocked hardware store.  When we walked in we were immediately greeted and asked if we needed help and shown to the tape not directed.  

Bill was impressed with the town hall.

We walked down the street and saw these flags flying and walked over to it to check it out.  

Bill has a real knack for finding something historical any place he goes.  This was an American Water Landmark which was awarded in 1975 by the American Water Works Association.  This original Bremen water supply was in service from 1892 until 1955.  

This was also the railroad depot but we had traffic behind us so I didn't get a great photo and we didn't stop.  

When we reserved our site I didn't know what electric service everyone else was going to take so I said 30 amp since I know we have 30 amp when we get to the fairgrounds.  I was going to change it when we arrived but the girl had already run my credit card so we just stayed with the 30 amp.  It's good 30 amp and we can run both AC's.  

I started wood burning and about 15 minutes into it, the AC went off.  Okay I guess I was pushing it with both AC's going.  I put all my equipment back in my case until we have 50 amp service. 

Bill and I were sitting outside and thought we saw Joe and Alice Knox drive by.  We thought they were going to be next to us but they never pulled into the site.  After a while we looked up and saw them walking down the road.  They were parked at the other end of the section.  Alice said they hadn't paid as the girl was confused and didn't know they were arriving today.  They were already set up, but Joe liked where we are located so they went up to see about changing and paying.  No problem, they let them change to next to us.  
They are actually behind and beside us.  They told us about their day in Springfield and what they saw and sat outside until it was time to start dinner.  

Turtle Safely.....

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