Friday, June 13, 2014

Greek Festival

Follansbee, West Virginia
Meadowbrook RV Park

Bill and I drove over to Steubenville, Ohio to attend the Greek Festival.  Unfortunately, we had had a big late lunch while we were in Washington and we weren't hungry for all of the good smelling Greek food that was outside and inside.  We both had a draft beer that tasted like bad apple cider.  Neither one of us could drink it.  The nice man sitting at our table said no problem and came back with two glasses of Yuengling.  That was good beer! They close off the street and put up huge tents for the festival.   

It was very crowded and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

We spotted daughter, Nikki, and grand daughter Olivia.  They were trying to find Levani who needed to change into his costume.
I don't know how old this church is but I know it's been there for many years.  

Greek bracelets were handed out to all the attendees.  

The band started playing and the dancers danced into the tent.  

All of the dancers were bigger than our grandson, Levani, but he danced like a professional.  (I'm not the least bit prejudiced, I'm a Grandma!) 

Bill and I took an 18 day trip to Greece some years ago and the music and festivities brought back all of our memories.  We really compared Levani and friends to what we saw in Greece and all of the dancers were excellent.

There were a total of eight dancers in the group.  Levani was by far the most serious.  
I lost count of how many dances they did but I was exhausted watching them.  

When they were finished dancing, Levani gave his flower to a pretty young girl who watched every step he took.  

I have a lot of video of the performance, but I'm sure it will be too large to post here.  

Since the Greek festival we haven't done much except a lot of visiting.  Oh, by the way, we did start to wash the rig but the rains came.  And with the rains, we had tornado warnings.  Levani was suppose to have a baseball game but we decided not to go with the weather warnings.  

We drove down to Wheeling to check out Cabela's.  Or as our GPS, Evelyn, says  cab ella's.  Bill and John Care spent some time trying to solve all the world problems.  

We had planned to stop at Independence Hall, but we were chatting so much, we went past our turnoff and decided it was too late anyway.  

Bill did buy me some earrings while we were shopping in St. Clairsville, OH.  Now that my hair is getting longer, he felt I needed larger earrings.  

We had a knock at our door about 6 pm.  It was Misty, Bill's daughter, stopping by to see how we were.  We had such a great time visiting with her, the next thing we knew it was close to midnight.  

Today we just spent time doing odd jobs around the rig.  We did visit with our neighbors.  One short trip to Walmart for medication and that was our day.  While we were out, a small class C moved in.  I think they are construction workers or they wear very reflective clothing.  

Turtle Safely.......

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