Friday, June 27, 2014

The Willey's

Running Cedar RV Resort
Gretna, Virginia
Site 1 Back In

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful drive.  It was a little crazy and it was exactly 200 miles so we were hitting our maximum comfort range.  We continued east on I 64 and it is one of the prettiest roads we've been on.  Unfortunately, there just wasn't a straight direction to take, pulling the trailer.   

We started down one two lane road that had so many low hanging trees, sharp turns, steep, and windy road that we decided to turn around and not continue.  I have no idea how Bill backed up and turned around on that road.  There was a no passing the entire length of it.  We were on a blind turn and I was trying to watch for any traffic (not that there was anyone else crazy enough to take it).  We had to go this way because of a low clearance on the other road. We ended up taking I 64 further east. As we entered I 81 the pleasant drive turned into any other interstate, trucks and other heavy traffic.  Bill and I both commented on how brown the vegetation looked compared to the beautiful lush green of West Virginia.  As it turns out, they need rain very badly.  

Our travels continued down 29 until our turnoff for the RV park.  As we were coming down the road which is another narrow two lane road, we saw a sign that said "Dead End".  It was a dead end and the only entrance to the campground had two low hanging trees beside the driveway.  There was no choice but to take the entrance down the hill as there was a ditch on the side of the road.

The whole driveway which is down a hill is very loose pea gravel.  The nice lady that I spoke to before arriving said she'd come by today so I could pay.  

We had a problem with the level ups as the front needed to go up higher than they can extend.  We manually tried to level and then the jacks quit.  We had no power to the LED control panel.  We hadn't eaten and were hot, tired and hungry so just left the problem until today.  

I did get a nice call from Susie and Bud Walsh, letting me know that the Montana Club finally posted registration for the rally.  She's doing great after her operation.  

Bill got up this morning and checked all the fuses and found one strange looking thing that the top wasn't completely shut.  He pushed it back in and the power came on. 
 Shortly after this, Garner and Inez Willey arrived.  We have been friends for 20 years.  Garner used to work in Casa Grande and the four of us went everywhere together.  Garner was also Bill's best man when we were married.  When Garner retired they moved back to Altavista to their beautiful home and to be near family.  
We sat around for awhile before Inez and I went to the store and we sent Bill and Garner to find a barber shop.  Of course it has to have a barber pole, or Bill won't go in.  

The campground owner came by to collect and asked how we were doing.  I told her we decided to leave in the morning as the site was so unlevel and we were worried about coming up that hill in the loose pea gravel.  She said she understood and wasn't going to charge us at all.  She didn't want anyone unhappy.  I said that would mean two nights as we came in yesterday.  No problem, no charge.  You can't complain about that.  The place would be perfect for small travel trailers but we are just too long.  There are flatter sites on the other side of the road but they were all rented.  The rent here is $220 per month for full hook ups, clubhouse and pool.  There is a boat launch nearby and it is very clean.   

When we returned from the store Inez showed me her  pottery for chicken.  She used a bottle of beer to cook chicken in a special dish that looks like a pottery version of an angel food cake pan.  She poured beer in the center hole and placed the chicken butt side down.  

I didn't think to take a before photo but here's the finished product and did it ever smell good in the oven.  Two hours later it was done.  I got the pottery place address in Kentucky and plan to check it out.  

Inez had apricot salad, potato salad, green beans and rolls to go with the chicken.  I made a pig out of myself and had seconds.  If that wasn't enough, she had a home baked apple and peach pie with ice cream.  

Here's the four of us before the fabulous meal and before the guys haircuts.  

Here we are with full bellies  and nice haircuts for the guys.  It was so nice to visit with them, and even though we've only seen them a few times over the years we just all picked up where we left off.  We really miss all the good times with them.  

RVing gives us the opportunity to be able to visit with such good people.  Garner has had some health issues so it was important that we see them.  

Stay tuned for our trip out of the park.  

Turtle Safely.....


  1. Don't know any other campground that wouldn't charge because of an unlevel site. You lucked out for sure.

  2. Pretty nice of that campground to waive their fees, that doesn't happen very often!

    Nice to get together with good friends. That dinner sounded fabulous and Apple pie for dessert is always a favourite of mine.

  3. You sure did luck out to get the fees waived. You sure needed a break after all the challenging travels! Glad you had such a good time with your friends.


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