Saturday, June 21, 2014

Willy Wonka

Follansbee, West Virginia
Meadowbrook RV Park
Back In 

It was wonderful!  I'm so glad we waited around to see Olivia and Levani (operating the lights) in the Willy Wonka play before we left the area.  Of course, we feel Olivia was the star of the show.  
And here is the light man, Levani.

We were thoroughly entertained and the kids did a fabulous job.  
The only time I was bored was during intermission, I didn't want it the play to stop.  

Needless to say, Levani did an excellent job with the lights.  
We picked Olivia and Levani up yesterday afternoon after their rehearsal practice and took them back to their house.  You would have never known they had a big night in a few hours, it was just another day to them.  

Here's some photos of the park where we are staying.  The dumpster must be a community one for people who don't want to pay for garbage.  They drive up circle the dumpster and leave, day and night.  

Since it was nearly dark when we returned last night, we saw something we don't have in Arizona.  

 Can you tell from this photo what it is?  It's fireflys or aka lightning bugs.  

Turtle Safely........


  1. Without a doubt, Olivia was definitely the star of the show. How could one (even a parent) think otherwise?

  2. So glad you stuck around for the show - I bet the kids were so excited you were there. When I first moved to Virginia, I could not get over all the fireflies. We don't have them in MT either and they are the neatest things to watch. Love them.


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