Monday, July 21, 2014

Above the Clouds

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Best Holiday Trav-L-Park
Pull Through #137

Yesterday Polly, Vern, Bill and I sat outside solving the world problems.  A little after noon Rosie and Ed Guillermo arrived.  Bill and I hadn't seen them in four years.  They have the first Montana that we'd ever seen.  

Here's Rosie and Polly checking out what we all want to see in the area.

Here's Eddie with his much thinner wife.
Notice that we're sitting behind our fifth wheel.  Our site had less sitting water than their's and the sites are so narrow, we couldn't fit 6 people on the little patio.
The now have a new addition to their family.  Luigi is the best behaved and good tempered dog!  

Rosie said she emptied out her freezer when they left, and she had all these ribs that they needed to get rid of.  Well, we don't usually volunteer much, but we said we'd make the sacrifice and help them to get rid of them.  

The next thing you knew, Ed had the grill going and in pretty short time we had dinner.  

Ed is from Hawaii and just returned from a month long visit with his relatives.  
You can see from this photo how close together the sites are.

Vern and Polly wanted to drive to Lynchburg today to the Jack Daniels distillery until they found out it was a dry county. Second choice was to go to Look-Out Mountain and visit Rock City.  

Ed stayed at the RV park for some maintenance issues and the rest of us piled into Vern's truck.  

Lookout Mountain is much bigger than I expected.  No way did I expect to see all the beautiful homes and neighborhoods.  We did see them all a few times, as we circled back and forth trying to find our way.  When we finally got to Rock City, it was very foggy and just a light mist of rain.  No one wanted to pay $20 with the foggy conditions. OK, no problem we have alternate plans in case of weather.  

Since we were already up on Lookout Mountain we decided to go to Point Park and also the Chattanooga and Chickamuga  Battlefield which happened to be together.  We went to the visitor's center which wasn't much.  One note here for RVers, their is no RV parking at this National Site.  Of course, anyone that would bring a RV up on this mountain would be nuts anyway.  On second thought, I've seen Dennis Hill tackle that path up to the top at the Steps.  

In case the first photo didn't show everyone, left to right,
me, (Jan), Vern, Polly and Rosie.  

The clouds started to clear and suddenly we could see the river below.  Just as suddenly, it clouded up again.  

I think Vern was checking the welds.
Once again the fog rolled in.  It really puts true meaning to the name of the battle--The Battle Above the Clouds.
A nice lady took a photo of all five of us.
These cannons were on the very edge of the cliff.
I'm not sure what Bill found down there.
Notice the shadows as the sun came back out.
Vern wasn't afraid of the ledges or the height.
There was a small musuem down one of the paths which had a lot of steps and I think they added some more when we had to climb them back up.
Not a whole lot in the museum compared to the other part of the park.
From these photos you can get an idea of what the park looked like back in the battle days.
After all that hard work, climbing the hills and steps, Polly found a nearby winery to take a break.
This was our first time visiting a Georgia winery.  
Notice all the awards on the wall behind me.
We were given sheets of all their different wines.  The tasting of 8 wines and a wine margarita were free.  The hard part was deciding which ones to pick.  Notice I was finished picking and waiting for everyone else.  
We were able to walk out unassisted carrying our purchases much to the dismay of the guys.

Polly and Vern walked up by the office to play horse shoes when we returned, I checked the photos of today's adventure, Bill took a nap and Rosie and Eddie went to Costco.  

We have noticed that while the temperatures were near 70 when we arrived.  This area doesn't have afternoon showers like a lot of places.  In the afternoon the sun comes out and no sign of showers.  

This park was completely full on Saturday but yesterday morning there was a steady stream of people pulling out.

Everyone sat outside and we enjoyed just chatting without a campfire before we went in for the night. 

Turtle Safely.......


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