Thursday, July 17, 2014

Choo Choo

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Best Holiday Trav-L-Park
Pull Through #137

Last night we enjoyed watching the kids from the Space Camp shoot off their rockets.  You wouldn't believe how far in the sky they went.  The gentle breezes blew them into the RV park.  The trees looked like decorated Christmas trees with all the rockets hanging in them.  

This morning we while we were waiting for our mail to arrive Bill went back over to watch the kids from the Space Camp.  I know he secretly feels bad that he never had a little red wagon or attended Space Camp.  Of course, in his day they never even had satellites. 

All of these camp counselors trainers seem to love their jobs.  We thought our granddaughter, Courtney, should sign up to do this next summer.
What do you think Bill came home with?  Yep, we now have our very own rocket. All he's missing is the propellant.   

We hitched up and waited for the mail which should arrive around 12:30.  Bill did not want to sit on the wooden picnic table in case there were chiggers around.  We walked over to the aluminum table by the office and Bob came over to join us.  He had a lot of questions about RVing as they are just beginning fulltimers.  I'm sure he'll be joining the Escapees.  

Around 2 we pulled out and left Huntsville behind us.  We backtracked over highway 72 through Scottsboro.  I had thought about stopping at the unclaimed baggage store but we were into our audio book and I couldn't think of anything I needed.  

The road was beautiful and followed the Tennessee River.  I didn't realize we would go back into Georgia before entering Tennessee.  

There were a few things I forgot to mention about Huntsville yesterday.  One fact is they are the watercrest capital in the US.  Their watercrest goes to Washington, DC. and used at the White House.   

The other was at the test station at Redstone Arsenal they relocated over 500 skunks.  I guess when they were testing no one could stand the smell from 500 skunks.  

Bill is excited because this RV park is on a Civil War battlefield.  There is a monument here for the 84th Indiana Volunteer Regiment.  The National Park Service has a Civil War Video in the office we can watch tomorrow.  

We thought the site next to us was saved for Polly and Vern Fogler, who will be here tomorrow, but a motorhome parked there about an hour ago.  Rosie and Eddie will be here on Sunday and we haven't seen them in about 4 years. Their Montana was the first one we'd ever seen.  

Tonight's big dilemma is what do we want to do tomorrow.  Should haircuts or oil changes be on that list?  There are so many things to see and do in this area, I'm sure we'll have to come back through here after the Montana Owners Club Rally.  

Here's a tidbit from the campground brochure:

Chattanooga's name comes from a Creek Indian word meaning "rock coming to a point".
Chattanooga was founded by Chief John Ross, at what is now Ross's Landing, in the early 1800's.
Chattanooga is the home of the first Coca-Cola Bottling plant in the world.
Chattanooga is the home of several Civil War battle sites which are located throughout the area.
Chattanooga was first explored by DeSoto in 1540.

Turtle Safely......

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