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Governor's Mansion

Marshall, Michigan
Camp Turkeyville RV Resort
Back In #17

In yesterday's blog I mentioned the turkeys and since we are at Turkeyville, I thought this was unusual that we bought this ice cream when we were in Monroe.  It just fit right in.

Yesterday while we were at the Honolulu House the tour guide suggested we visit the Governor's Mansion.  It is only open on Sunday afternoons, so we took a ride over this afternoon.  

When we pulled up to the Governor's Mansion, the Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter were cleaning the home.  

It was basically just another old home built in 1839.  The people of Marshall have donated many items and furniture to the home.  

Based on the proximity of Detroit and Chicago with Marshall in the middle, many people believed that Marshall was the perfect place for the state capitol.  This house was built near the optimistic site of an area that the village thought would be the capital of Michigan.  However, Lansing was chosen as the capital.  The "Governor's Mansion" was built with the idea of housing the executive of Michigan.  

A member of the DAR donated a wedding dress, newspaper clippings and even the wedding rings.

This wallpaper looked perfect even though none of the walls were plumb. 

This staircase, unlike yesterday's tour went to the second floor.  It was very impressive for it's period.

I'm totally amazed about all the people that managed to restore this home with all the furnishings. To the left in this photo is a half door which we crawled through. On the other side it appeared to be servants quarters.

As we've noticed throughout the town, they have many historical markers.

Here's a picture of the Capital Hill Schoolhouse which is only open by appointment.

Since the Calhoun County Fairgrounds was a block away, we drove through to check out their RV camping.  It looked like it needed some TLC.  There were no RV's parked, maybe if you were staying overnight and there wasn't anything else, it would do.  It's a shame because there were quite a few sites and there aren't many parks in the area.

Tomorrow, should be a busy day.  We want to be up early and off for an adventure.  Bill just read this and wants to know where we are going.  Should I tell him?

Turtle Safely........

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