Sunday, August 3, 2014

Mid Atlantic Montana Rally--Day 4 & 5

Sevierville, Tennessee
River Plantation RV Park

As with most rallies, the days go by very quickly.  I'm trying to think back to what we've done that has kept us so busy.  This rally doesn't have morning coffee and donuts like a lot do.  I have to say it's made us lazy in getting up and getting started.  I can also say it is kind of nice.  I know we've spent a good deal of time just visiting with people.  Most of these people we've never met before.

Mike Mack, the representative from Keystone Montana division, came to the rally to speak with all the owners.  It's no wonder Montana has been the best selling 5th wheel for 11 or 12 years in a row.  Mike said there are still 65,000 Montana's on the road.  They really do listen to the Montana owners.  

I've can't think of any product where they communicate like this company does.  He spent a lot of time talking with every single person.  

I know he'll be at the National Montana Owners Rally but that is close by their office, to have him show up for a rally of 30 rigs this far from Goshen impressed me.  

The weather has been perfect and you couldn't ask for a prettier setting than this.  If there is any complaint, it's all the traffic going down the parkway, however it's very quiet in the rv park even though we aren't far away from the traffic.
  The catered dinner was very nice.  Barbecue ribs and chicken were on the menu with other southern foods.  
The conference room is located here at the RV Park.

Somehow when we got into this huge room, it still looked like a lot of people. 
Dinner was excellent and there was plenty of food.
Even with the carpeted floors, there was a lot of noise from all the talking going on. 

Following the dinner there was a white elephant gift exchange.  
This resulted in a lot of laughter and fun.
It was fun listening to some people describe their gifts.
 We were both happy with our gifts.
You can't go wrong with a bottle of wine and the accessories.
And this was Bill's white elephant, but my kind of wine.
Helen and Rich are parked next door to us.  Dusty came out to tell me "take a bath".  She also did some tricks.  

Helen and I were discussing places to see and I found out she went to school in Steubenville, Ohio.  What a small world this is.  

Yesterday, Bill and I drove over to the Flea Market.  Words can not describe the traffic.  It's worse than beach traffic.  By the time we finally got parked and walked around a little bit, we decided to leave.  We did this flea market back when we owned the Cardinal and parked it in the parking lot.  At that time, we said it wasn't our kind of flea market, it still isn't.  At least we gave it a second shot, but we won't ever stop at it again.  

What do RVers do when they get together?  If they aren't eating at a restaurant, they are having a small potluck.  Did I say "small?"

After all that food, they had a prize drawing.  Larry Sessoms received a lot of donations from Camping World.  Every person who attended got a prize and then they started drawing again.  Bill and I ended up with four prizes.  

Tomorrow night is something really special.  

Turtle Safely.......

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