Thursday, August 21, 2014

We Should Have Made an Appointment.

Marshall, Michigan
Camp Turkeyville RV Resort
Back In #17

When I skip some days blogging, it seems like a lot to catch up on, but this isn't the case.  Bill and I and The Knoll's  extended our stay in Monroe for two days.  I didn't do much except rest my back.  Thanks to a professional massage from Karen, it improved drastically.  

We couldn't leave Monroe without another trip to Pete's Garage.  Returning to the same restaurant isn't something we usually do but Bill even suggested going back.  It was just as good the second time. 

It was difficult saying "see 'ya" to John and Karen but we'll see them in October.  They headed over to Leisure Lakes and we headed to Marshall.  

Bill pulled us in before noon and we took the last available site which made us decide to stay until after the holiday.  

Today we visited the American Museum of Magic.  
This two story building was built in 1868.

We didn't realize at the time, how saying they were open would be such a big deal. 
All of the posters were originals.
You were able to look at all the items up close, but I still couldn't figure out how they did it. 
I think I figured this one out, but I didn't want to try it.
I guess the name that I remember most was Houdini and his milk container trick.  
Who can't forget the handcuffed and submerged in a crate trick?

Harry Blackstone bragged about the size of his equipment and costumes.  When he traveled for a show it took a 90 foot baggage car to hold all of his gear.  
Pete Bouton was Blackstone's brother and this trunk was his tool kit.  Pete's wife, Millie took care of the costumes.  

"Doug Henning is generally credited with helping revive magic in the public interest during the 1970's.  Henning performed the Houdini's famous Water Torture Escape stunt during his first live television special in 1975.  He only performed this trick once and vowed to never do it again because it scared him so much.  Doug Henning is most remembered for his vibrant and lively shows."

 Bill finally got his wish have me in  handcuffs. 

Do you think Bill looks like Kellar?
Ripley's believe it or not, The Smallest Show on Earth--Amazing Trained Flea Circus was also represented.  

The town area of Marshall is very much alive and viable. 

 We walked through the antique and gift shops as we made our way down to the post office.

I asked about the Postal Museum and was given a number I could call to make an appointment. 
We looked in the windows and figured we'd seen everything in there, so didn't want to make an appointment.  

The Gasoline Museum was just a block away so we walked down to it.  There was a sign with a telephone number to call for an appointment.  
We at least enjoyed the murals. 

As we were driving out of town, I always point out a barber shop with a striped pole outside to Bill.  This one had a sign that said, "No appointments, walk ins only".  Maybe things are looking up.  

Turtle Safely.....

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