Friday, September 12, 2014

Dixon's and Dinky

Bremen, Indiana
Pla-Mor Campground

Yesterday we drove over to Middlebury to the restaurant that everyone visits while in the area--Das Dutchman Essenhaus.

Bill had forgotten his hearing aids, so we were thrilled when we were seated up against a wall and off to ourselves.  Jim said he just wanted chicken.  We thought he came to visit us, but I'm not so sure he just wanted to come here for their chicken.  

Everyone ordered the buffet and it was as good as ever. Maybe better than when we were here for the Escapade in May at least quieter.  

I picked up a fun facts brochure and thought you might be interested in these facts:
     "The restaurant seats 1,100 at once, and on a busy day 
     will serve over 7,000 guests and use 5,225 pounds of ice.
     Our bakery produced a record number of 2,103 pies in          one day.

     Essenhaus foods makes up to 42 tons of noodles in one 

    In only I week, our Restaurant-Bakery may use up to:
    2,100 dozen eggs
    2,700 pounds of white sugar
    60 gallons of apple butter
    3.5 tons of potatoes
    3,600 chickens
    3,090 pounds of roast beef
    2,990 heads of lettuce."
I was too busy eating to get any more photos.  

I think I could eat at least one of those 42 tons of noodles.  Jim was the only one who had room for apple pie with ice cream.  

Jim and Sandie were scheduled to pull out this morning.  I noticed Jim got in the truck and returned a short time later.  I told Bill he went down to the office to extend his stay and I was right.  

Today since it was cold and dreary we went over to Newmar for a tour of their plant.  We were told that they have increased production from 4 coaches last year to 8 per day.  If you ordered one today, it wouldn't be produced until January.  They have increased their employees from over 400 last year to over 700 this year.  

We've toured Cardinal, Winnabago and Montana.  I came out of the plant feeling like the right hand didn't know what the left was doing.  I'm sure a lot had to do with the tour guide but I think they should have been showing us what they do better than the competition.  Our guide pointed out things that weren't correct in the production making statements that this particular thing should have been done in another area and not here.  One thing I was impressed with was the fact that they do not use wiring harnesses, and they have over 5 miles of wiring in some coaches which weigh almost a 1,000 pounds.  

The tour used the headsets which really gave everyone a chance to hear what was being said.  I think all factory tours should use them.  Understandably, photos were not allowed in the plant.

I received an e-mail today from retired Escapees VCR's who are in a paint shop in Bremen.  They found us on  I usually try to sign in to a RVillage when we arrive but after looking at our profile map of the parks, I think I've neglected to do it a time or two this year.  We aren't sure how long we'll stay here, so we arranged to meet them tomorrow at 11.  

If you aren't using RVillage, and you're an RVer you need to sign up.  Of course you know it's free, that's why we belong.  Our user name is WV2AZ.  I learn more and more about the benefits of the program every time I use it.  

We're getting another "home delivery" tonight.  Sandie is fixing our dinner.

I failed to mention in previous blogs that we're in a huge rv park with lots of sites.  There are two other rigs in this section besides us and the Dixon's.  We had a huge motorhome pull in next to Jim and Sandie.  Sandie said they looked "dinky" between us and the motorhome.  

I said I liked the name of their travel trailer as "Dixon's Dinky" better than the "Bungalow".  

I suggested to Sandie that they stay in the $20 county park in Lima instead of the fairground in Van Wert when they leave here.  Last night when we were watching the news they reported that three dangerous convicts escaped in Lima.  I was glad when I heard that Jim and Sandie weren't leaving today and going to Lima.  As it turned out they captured the convicts, so no problem.  

We've enjoyed visiting with Jim and Sandie and will miss them when they leave.  

Turtle Safely.......

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