Friday, September 19, 2014

Hot Water

Goshen, Indiana
Elkhart County 4H Fairgrounds
Site #212

Yesterday we drove up to the RV salvage in White Pigeon, Michigan.  There wasn't anything we needed other than we've been looking for a new couch.  As we were scouring the boxes, to see what hidden treasures we might find, I looked up and saw Rondo aka Ron and Mary Lichtenberg.  They are the hosts for the Montana Owners Club Rally.  They were on their way to visit Charlie and Judy Benton, another MOC member near Colon.  Due to health issues the Benton's won't be attending, but they will be missed.  
We've passed this place up so many times, and yesterday wasn't anything different. 

I had three places to visit from there, The Ruthmere Mansion, The RR Museum and the Super Heroes Museum.  We headed for the Ruthmere Museum.
Okay, this looks good--an impressive entrance.
There was a doorbell to ring and a note that said the tours were on the hour.  We missed the tour by 5 minutes.  
It was a perfectly beautiful day so we decided to go to the RV Surplus store and check it out and then come back.  By the time we got out of the surplus store, we were too late for the next mansion tour.  

It's getting late so we decided to head back to Goshen and make a stop in Sam's Club.  

After dinner we went for a walk, and stopped at LC and Marilyn Boyer's Montana.  They had arrived a couple of hours earlier.  We sat and only solved half the world problems before I had to get back and make my nightly call to my Dad.  

This morning Bill changed the anode in the hot water tank.  I will be so happy to get away from the awful water in this area.  I wish I had a photo of some houses I saw that had orange stains on the side of the homes where the water from the sprinklers hit it to show you.  

I had this little rod to clean out the water heater, and it is one of the things I like to do.  The plastic broke on it and the water went everywhere.  I was drenched.  

We rode over to the fall festival in Middlebury that we attend when we're here.  The festival was on both sides of the road this year.  I found a neat basket that I bought.  I had the camera with us, but since there were so many Amish present, I didn't take any photos since they do not approve of it.  The weather couldn't have been nicer.  

We decided to go try the restaurant across the street from Das Essenhaus for our lunch.  We'd seen it advertised when we were with Jim and Sandie Dixon.  We walked in and they had a buffet for $6.95.  We looked at it and it was mostly pasta and pizza.  Neither one of us was in the mood for that kind of food, so we checked the menu.  Nothing sounded like anything I wanted so we left and headed for the Lux.  

We've never been disappointed when we eat at the Lux.  Bill and I both had the all you can eat fish dinner for $7.99.

When we returned LC and Marilyn dropped by with their three girls.  We'll make the sacrifice and take them to Das Essenhaus before the rally starts since they haven't been to it.  They haven't been to Shipshewana yet either.  Oh, the sacrifices we make.  

Our assigned site for the MOC rally is empty but the RV Dream Rally is going on so we'll wait for them to move out before we change sites.  

I was just ready to post this when we had someone at our door.  It sounded like John Kohl but it didn't look like the John I knew.  I let him in anyway and when he gave me a big hug, I recognized him.  Good to see you John but he won't read this since I didn't post any photos.  Yep, he was a Marine.  

Turtle Safely........ 

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