Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A little catch up

We have been very busy the last few days and I've had a few comments that I haven't blogged.  

I drove the first half when we left Columbus, NM.  It didn't start out well, as I couldn't find my way out of the RV park.  The state park had placed big huge rocks on the road we used last time.  I found the dump station OK, but circled around twice before I found the exit.  Oh well, I told Bill to wave to the rest of the rally attendees, as we went around again.  They must have thought we couldn't tear ourselves away.  Actually, it was a great time.  Never had any time to revisit the museums and was much nicer having a real room than an open pavilion.  The highlight was the happy hour and dinner at the Pink Store in Palomas, Mexico.

By the time we got back, we were exhausted.  The 90 degree temps were probably some of the warmest weather we had all summer.

We traveled 11,800 miles in the seven months we were gone.  Other than Bill's episode with the chiggers we had no problems.  Bill and I both agree this was the best summer ever.  

Judy and Luke Rinehimer came in on Monday and stayed at the park near us.  We went to dinner at the Creative Cafe and I'd say it was about 5.  They weren't very busy and when I looked it was near 7.  The staff was just sitting in a booth waiting for us to leave as there were no other customers.  It was nice seeing them as we hadn't seen them since last year.  We look forward to meeting up with them again at the WARE.

Oh, I almost forgot, anyone that reads this knows about my calendar malfunctions.  Well, Judy said they were in site # 130.  I said no problem, I knew exactly where site #130 was as we had friends stay in that site.  As Bill drives up to site #130 there is no one on that site.  Were they trying to tell us something?  No problem, we still found them anyway.  

I ordered something from Amazon and clicked through it like I usually do.  I went to track it yesterday and saw that it was being delivered to Polly and Vern's house in Chandler.  That wouldn't normally be a huge mistake other than they are in Mexico and will not be going home until after we see them at the rally in Amado, AZ.  We drove up to Chandler and retrieved the package, wondering if any neighbors would be calling the police if they thought we were stealing someones package.  I had previously ordered a gift for Polly and had it sent to her house and Amazon defaulted to that shipping address.  I went into my Amazon account and deleted all the other shipping addresses I had used this summer.  Glad it only went to Chandler, it could have been much worse.

I had another calendar malfunction.  I told Bill that I had made our GP and Cardiologist appointments on the same day so we could get it all done at once.  On April 24, we had our last doctor checkup before leaving town.  I had the appointment card right by my calendar.  When we visited the doctor, we never came back, just headed down the road to meet Don and Sharon Del Rosario.  I saw the card for the Cardiologist as the 22nd.  I told Bill I must have made a mistake, as our family doctor appointment was on the 24th according to the card.  I received a call from the family doctor wanting to make sure everything was OK as we'd missed today's appointment.   It seems, I checked the card which had 2014 written at the top but skipped over the April and just saw the 24th.   

And folks, if anybody ever thinks I'm a detail person, you're thinking of Bill.  I'm the one that says "that's close enough."

On the positive side, Bill got a great report from his heart doctor.  I told Bill the good thing about missing our family doctor appointment is we have a little time to try and shed the 2 or 3 pounds we gained.  

Turtle Safely......

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