Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Amado Day 3

Amado, Arizona
De Anza RV Resort
Site 91

Bill and I ran up to Green Valley, to pick up a few groceries this morning and to make sure the truck was running fine.  When we returned, Linda and Don Greig arrived.  No sooner had they arrived than Joe and Alice Knox arrived. As soon as we were finished saying hello, Hank and Joyce Whitney pulled in.  They came over and said hello and then went back to set up.  

Everyone grabbed a chair and set in front of our coach.  
From left to right, Hank and Joyce Whitney, Joe Knox, Don Greig, Alice Knox and Linda Greig.
We never even brought out any snacks or drinks we were so busy visiting.  It seems like everyone never ran out of things to say.  

Left to right, Bill Mains, Bob Moritz, Nick Schmidtz

Notice that Allegro Bus in the background.  That is Jeanne and Nick's new home.  They lost everything last May when their Dutch Star caught on fire.
Hank and Joyce

Hank and Joyce left for a little bit to fed the dogs.  When they came back they were carrying two items.  They showed us all around the Custer, SD area last year.  It's all Hank's fault, because he introduced us to Lintz Bros Pizza in Hermosa.  Since then we haven't had any pizza.  Nothing can compare with this pizza.  They brought not one, but two pizzas for us.  
 Dave and Sherry were the last to pull in and everyone started leaving to get dinner.  Our original plan for dinner was to visit Maria's Restaurant in Tubac until I found out it was sold.  But since we have a special delivery of LIntz pizza........ 

Jeanne invited me over to see their new to them home.  It's absolutely gorgeous.  I know we were laughing a lot when they called us telling us about the things they were learning to operate and how they found out about all the controls.  
Nick and Jeanne look very comfortable and happy in their home.

We came back to the coach and guess what we had for dinner.  It was just as delicious as I remember.  I can even remember the weather the last time we had a Lintz pizza--a hail storm.  

Tomorrow is the official start of the rally.  There are only 13 rigs expected, but it promises to be another fun time.  Sometimes a smaller crowd is more fun as you get a chance to visit with everyone.  

Turtle Safely.........

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