Sunday, October 26, 2014

Amado, Tucson

Amado, Tucson
De Anza RV Resort
Site 91 Pull Thru

Another calendar malfunction.  I was talking to Karen about the Chapter 45 Rally in Amado telling her I thought we'd stay next weekend at the Pima County Fairgrounds as there was a show and then head back to Casa Grande next Sunday. I was anxious to see what the new sites looked like. She called me later to give me the correct dates of the rally.  Oh well, another calendar problem.  It's not that I don't write down the dates, it's just the problem of what the present day is.

We got up this morning did some laundry and decided to go ahead and leave for Amado anyway.  It didn't take much to pack up as all the meals are provided.  

We stopped for diesel at $3.09 a gallon and went and picked up the Montana.  I told Bill I didn't want to drive today as I had a dream that I didn't allow for the tail swing and clipped someone.  I also know this park has blind side back ins with strategically placed light poles and concrete slabs.

While we're driving down I hear a beep and the warning says to check your gauges.  Our charging gauge shows we aren't charging.  We turned the AC, radio, GPS and camera off but it didn't seem to make any difference.  I'm a worry wart, and wondering where we can pull off going through Tucson.  Bill made the turn onto I 19 and the shoulder was closed for construction.  Not a comforting thought to me.   All I could think of was the truck quitting and no where to pull off.  

We made it down to De Anza and I ran in to find out what our site was.  There was a couple ahead of me that were discussing storage.  I finally said, "excuse me, we have a tow vehicle problem and I need to know our site number and I'll come back to pay."  Amy was wonderful.  She gave me a site number which happened to be a pull thru.  I went outside and gave Bill the site number and we unhitched.  No way did I want him to turn the truck off, in case we couldn't get it started again.  

Of course there isn't anything that can be done on Sunday so we'll deal with it tomorrow.  

Bill and I went over to the clubhouse and played billiards and Bob Moritz arrived shortly afterwards.  We went out and tried to do what we could to help him set up.  He is one of those people that never complains, even though he seems to have had his share of bumps in the road.  

He'd e-mailed yesterday that he forgot his walker and was at Roosevelt Lake.  I went over to my Dad's and borrowed his, which he never uses.  Unfortunately, I didn't think about the size for an RV bathroom.  

Bob, Bill and I enjoyed margaritas trying to solve all the world problems.  Not sure we got them all solved as the bottle was empty before we got the world straightened out. 

For those of you who were at the MOC rally in Goshen in late September, we found another stink bug.  How long before we are rid of them?

Nick and Jeanne are arriving tomorrow since they didn't come today.  We're anxious to see their new home.  

It promises to be a good time. This is really a beautiful part of Arizona and we love the views from here.  Usually they have the fifth wheels backed in so the rear window faces the mountains and the motorhomes are backed in to face the mountains but even with the pull thru sites we have some terrific views of the mountains and the weather promises to be excellent.  

Turtle Safely.....

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