Thursday, October 9, 2014

Flying Fish in Texas

He Wylie, Texas
East Fork Park
Back In #10

Bill and I weren't sure where we were headed when we got up this morning.  We were leaning towards heading to Fort Smith last night.  The last time we were there, this brat of a kid who was about 8 or 9 ruined the whole tour.  He shoved people out of the way, hung from the displays and disrupted everyone.  We thought we'd give the place a second chance to impress us.  When we were eating breakfast, we both decided to head to the Dallas area instead.

I couldn't find a RV park with a vacancy in the Dallas area.  I thought we found one, but when I told them how long we were, they told us we were too big.  

We never make advance reservations, but I did make one at North Little Rock, because my two free days needed a reservation.  After finding out that we took the last site in Little Rock, I thought maybe I might need to make a reservation in the Dallas area.  

Bill wanted to stop at the Audie Murphy/American Cotton Museum in Greenville.  I thought it wouldn't be too far to back track tomorrow from Lake Lavon.  I was nervous about finding a park.  As it turned out, we're in a Corps of Engineers park in Wylie, Texas.  The local Walmart is only a mile or two away.  They have 50 sites here, and probably not more than 10 or so occupied.  The lake is low and I think that might be the reason very few people are here. We'll see what the weekend brings. 

It's a typical COE park.  Large back ins with nice covered picnic tables, grills and fire rings.  At $15 per night for 50 amp service, it's a good deal.  
Notice the pretty blue sky?  It was suppose to rain in Little Rock and I thought we would have run into some rain headed west, but it was a perfect day with no wind.  Yes, Bill drove today.  

When we found a site, we stopped back at the office to register and the host asked if we liked fish.  Of course, I said yes.  I was hoping he caught some in the lake and was giving it away.  Not so.  He handed me a brochure and said this place was nearby and had the best food.  I looked at the brochure and said "YES"!  It was the Flying Fish which is the place we went to in Little Rock for catfish.   

We drove the mile or so to Walmart and fueled up for $3.34 for diesel.  We ran in to get a few items and I told Bill lets skip the Flying Fish until tomorrow.  I wanted to buy some ice cream and knew it would melt if we didn't go straight home.  

Now I'm not one to pass up a chance when someone else is doing the cooking usually but today was an exception.  You see yesterday Bill made a pot of chili and the second day is always better.  The Flying Fish will have to wait until tomorrow.  

Turtle Safely.........

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