Friday, October 17, 2014

Mexico--Pink Store

Columbus, New Mexico
Pancho Villa State Park
It must be Friday, we're in red.  

Last night we had a wonderful pot luck.  Instead of having the pot luck in the open shelter, it was held in a room up by the office.  It was so much better because flies didn't seem to be a problem.  

Today was the last day of the Chapter 21 Rally.  It's hard to believe how fast these days have gone by.  

The chapter meeting was held at 10 am this morning.  I was impressed by how much input the members gave.  Bill and I were VCR's for the rally and I gave a short report. 

Did I mention that I was chosen to pull a number for the 50/50 drawing?  Guess who's number I pulled?  Yep, mine.  I donated my share back to CARE. 

Happy Hour was suppose to start at 4 pm at the Pink Store.  For those of you who have never stayed at Pancho Villa State Park, the border is about 4 miles straight down the road to Palomas, Mexico. There is a parking lot at the border and about a block away is the Pink Store.  The Pink Store is where all the Americans go when walking across the border.  There is an Escapees emblem as you enter the door to the store. 

 If you want glasses or dental work you can get it in the square behind the Pink Store.  I noticed the pharmacy also has an Escapees emblem on the door.  

They really go out of their way to please you.  Even last year when there was a mix up on the menu, and they had a Thanksgiving meal instead of Mexican they quickly corrected the problem.  Happy Hour was suppose to start at 4 pm but we found most everyone was there early and ready to order dinner.  Roland and Suzanne Lajoie and Betty Dawson, and Don Dement and Bill and I decided to wait a little bit before we ordered dinner.  

Betty and I checked the store out to see if we could find any turtles.  There weren't many and nothing I liked which was a good thing since I was drinking a margarita while shopping.  Sometimes you buy some things that look good when you're drinking their margaritas and the next day you wonder why you liked the article.
Last year we were the last four to leave and this year we were the last six to leave.  Everyone had a great time and there was much laughter.  
As we were crossing the border, the border guard asked if we had been to the Pink Store.  He said he could smell the margaritas.  

This is typically our last stop before returning to Casa Grande.  While we've spent 219 days in our coach so far this year, we're ready to return for a little while before we get another case of hitch itch.  

Turtle Safely........


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