Monday, December 8, 2014

We're Back

Casa Grande, Arizona

Where does all the junk come from?  The carpet installers finished up late Wednesday.  The next day we started filling the closets as the moving company was suppose to be here around 1.  It was raining that day and I knew they said they had a job in the morning and would be by when they finished up.  Finally I called around 4 pm and no one seemed to know they were suppose to come back so rescheduled for 1 pm Friday.  

Bill and I had set an appointment for Friday at the RV dealer to pick up our coach for some minor things that we chose to get done in Arizona rather than when we were in Goshen.  It had been done for a while but we hadn't been back up to Mesa with the truck.  They set up an appointment when you come to pick up to go over everything they did.  They added a few things which we hadn't mentioned and cleaned our carpet.  It's so nice to have a dealer that is knowledgeable, efficient and professional.  Kudo's to RV Trader. 

We stopped to deliver some of the carpet to Jim and Sandie for a project Jim is working on and got to the dealer by 11 for our appointment.  Not enough time to stay and visit this trip.  

Straight back to Casa Grande to put the coach in storage and be back at the sticks and bricks by 1 pm.  I finally called the movers again and one fellow came by around 2:30.  Bill and I had replaced most of the furniture except for a couple of heavy pieces.  One fellow who had reported off that day and lives nearby came over and took care of everything except for one piece of furniture he needed help with.  He refused to charge for his time and when the other two guys came, they wouldn't charge either.  

Saturday was spent removing all the stuff from the garage.  Bill suggested we go to the Electic Light Parade which we seldom miss but I was just too tired to go.  As much as I wanted to see Rover's Roost float, I couldn't bring myself to go out the door but I did go online and vote for the SKP float which I knew should be the winner.  

We drove up to the Valley for a Christmas party  at the Folger's yesterday. It was a lot of fun and we didn't get back until almost 8 pm. I was glad most everything was put back in place and it wasn't hanging over my head.  It gave us a chance to relax and enjoy ourselves.  And did we ever enjoy ourselves!  It was a great party and best of all we got to meet two new couples we've heard so much about and hope to see again.  

Here's Steve and Susie Shott who I expect will become Escapees soon.  Steve was the only casualty for the day, although I'm sure there will be sore muscles for some of us as a result of the physical games.  All in all everyone had a great time.  Thanks again Polly and Vern for a great affair. 

Today was a doctor appointment for Bill.  He's scheduled for his colonoscopy on December 22nd to see if he really is a perfect  one.  We didn't get home until almost 5 so it was a very busy day.  

Turtle Safely..........

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