Thursday, January 22, 2015

Celebrating a Birthday with Escapees

Quartzite, Arizona

It takes a lot longer to do daily tasks like bathing and dressing than normal and I therefore missed the morning drinks with the group.  I'm sure they were great.

I wanted to renew our Passport America membership and buy a sewer hose support system that we saw last year.  Bill dismantled the macerator to see if he was okay with using the conventional sewer hose systems.  I'm still not sure how I feel about having a washer dryer but knew we'd have to get rid of the macerator system so we could just have the gray tank open constantly.  Little steps, I'm not sure I want to give up the space.  This meant a trip to the big tent RV show.  

We looked for a handicap space and kept circling the parking lot, I finally said I could manage from anywhere so Bill parked pretty close to the handicap area and I managed to negotiate the freshly applied loose gravel with the knee cart.  

We don't have any pets, but I can't understand why people would bring their pets, if they cared for them, into that crowded space.  I saw pets just shaking from all the people and other pets.  Dogs were going in one direction on leashes and the people in another.  I had an awful time trying to avoid running over pets with the scooter.  Don't get me wrong, there were some well behaved pets with owners that were watching out for them, but unfortunately there were many owners that didn't have a clue what their pets were doing or how they felt about all the crowds and other pets.   I'm sure the pets didn't beg to come to such a chaotic place.  

This is the first year we've come for two items and left with just that.  Nothing extra!  Mark this day down for a first!  We always spend more than we intended.  

I got my "hug" fixes from Molly and Bob Pinner and Mark Nemeth.  Dortha Hall also had a hug for us.  It was so nice to see everyone.  Chris Yust also had a big hug.  Everyone wanted to know how I was doing and I kept saying just great.  

As we left the "big tent" we did the outer ring.  It was all fresh gravel and I had to literally take a step and pick up the scooter and put it down and take another step.  Of course this was on the side furthest away from the truck.  I managed to do the whole circle of the tent, but by then I was tired.  

We came back and had an hour or so before the big party tonight.  What a group of generous Escapees.  Three couples hosted the margaritas and Mexican food (I can't spell what they were but they were delicious.)  
 Don't you love the Escapees pinata?  Have you ever seen a party like this one before?

Toni made a delicious chocolate birthday cake for me.

Bill had to take a photo of this "honey dipper".  Notice the name on the side of it.  

Great food, great drinks, great friends, what more could you want.  
Here's the party hosts.  I think they may have sampled the margaritas.  
They offered some great toasts.  
I spent most of the evening with my leg elevated.  I may have pushed it a little too much today.  

The pinata was filled with candy.

We probably were the first to leave.  My foot was getting cold and starting to throb but I'm sure the party lasted a much longer time.  I asked someone if I had a flat tire on my scooter, because it didn't balance too well.  No problem, we weren't driving and had a short walk home.  

Turtle Safely......

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