Friday, January 9, 2015

I Could Get Used to This

Casa Grande, Arizona

I could get used to this.......but sitting around all day in the recliner with your leg up in the air can get tiring.  How I don't know, but I do tend to get tired doing nothing.  Bill is taking excellent care of me and I can't want for anything.

Yesterday Bill drove me over to Sam's Club to get some sweat pants.  Nothing fits over the cast and I needed something to wear.  I think I embarrassed Bill as we were leaving and I was trying to race him to the car.  I think I've got this knee cart figured out and I recognize a slight slope.  
One quick stop to visit my dad and by then I was ready to head back to the couch and elevate the leg.  

Bill fixed a delicious pot of chicken and noodles when we returned.  It was about 5 minutes before it was finished when I heard a knock on the door.  Bill answered the door, and it was Jim and Sandie Dixon from Apache Junction.  They pulled their "bungalow" down to the RV park near us, to come visit us.  Bill set the table and they had dinner with us.  We enjoyed the evening and they said they might stop over in the morning before they left.  

Sandie had a more severe heel injury than mine, and she was telling me some of her war stories.  After they left, I got a phone call saying they forgot their passports which they will need to go to Mexico so Jim would drive  back up to AJ which would mean they will stay another day.  

Today I received a call from Judy and Dick George who said they were bringing a pizza by for lunch.  Judy borrowed a shower chair for me from the Escapees clubhouse.  It will work perfectly.  We really enjoyed our afternoon with Dick and Judy and it is so good to see him feeling better.  While they were here, John and Gerri Beckman called to say their plans have changed again and they are coming up here and staying at the nearby RV park tomorrow.  Do you think the park will give me a commission?

While we were solving all the world problems, I got another phone call from Erwin and Kaye Heinz.  We met them in Goshen and then again in Tennessee.  They are on their way to the Montana Circle of the Wagons in Quartzite.  They are staying at the same nearby RV park.  They dropped by a few minutes later bearing a gift from Mimi's.  

We chatted for awhile and I told them we had friends who also have a Montana, but are in their Bungalow Salem.  Erwin asked what kind of dogs they had and when I said two cute dachshunds he said, "they're right beside us."  A few minutes later, the doorbell rang, and there was Jim and Sandie.  

You definitely meet the best kind of people RVing.  You never know when you'll see them again.  Most of the time you expect to see them again at a RV rally or park not at the front door of your house. 

This is such a great time of the year, to enjoy all the RV events going on in the area.  

Turtle Safely.........

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