Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Quartzite, Arizona

Yesterday we drove down to see how Marilyn Boyer was recovering from her surgery.  It was great seeing them and Marilyn showed me how to crawl in the trailer.  

They have a lovely new home and I can see why they love this new coach.
We went to the Hideout for lunch but they were not serving when we got there.  No problem  "Tinys" was right down the road.

It was Bill's kind of place.  Old western stuff everywhere.  The food was excellent and we enjoyed our visit.  

On our way home, which happened to be in the truck, I said since we went 177 miles I could handle Quartzite.  The next thing I knew, we were headed to storage and picked up the coach.  Bill did all the packing and we left this morning around 9:30.  There was a terrible accident on I 10 which delayed us for over an hour.  

This Metlife blimp was flying overhead watching the accident area.
At least I had a place to elevate my leg during the wait.

There was a fifth wheel, an Airstream travel trailer, an 18 wheeler and a couple of cars but looked like most of the accident was cleared.  

We're on Polomos Road across from the Montana Circle of the Wagons.  I guess we're on the wrong side of the tracks for the classless class.  We'll decide tomorrow if we want to move or not.  

We rode over to say "hi" to our MOC friends.  They are pulling out tomorrow.  It was great seeing them and I'm sorry I didn't take photos.  Janet and Rollie's new family member is adorable.  

Just got an e-mail that someone is coming to visit us this week, but we're not there.  No one expected Warden Bill to give me probation. 

Turtle Safely.....

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