Saturday, January 17, 2015

Street Fair

Casa Grande, Arizona

Not a lot happening while I'm healing.  I mentioned to John and Gerri Beckman that the doctor told me I'd be needing a walker at some point.  The following day, Judy and Dick George called to say they were stopping by.  They had a walker from the Escapees Rovers Roost.  The Escapees are truly family.  

We enjoyed our visit with them so much.  It's so good to see them planning trips.  Six months ago I would have said they were crazy to plan a trip to Hawaii, now all I see is excitement.  

I needed to pick up some medication at Walmart so we headed out this morning.  As we were going down the main streets I noticed the Street Fair signs.  The last time we went to it was back in 2008, before we started RVing and going to Quartzite at this time of year.  It was much bigger than any other event in town.  "Warden" Bill said it would be too difficult for me and I shouldn't attempt it.  

We continued to Walmart and picked up a few items.  I stopped in another store for a jigsaw puzzle.  I was still going strong so "Warden" Bill looked for a parking place as we neared the Street Fair.  We kept circling and the streets 5 and 6 blocks away were filled with cars.  Bill found a space where I could maneuver the knee scooter.  The band was great and you couldn't ask for a more perfect day.   We walked up and down the streets checking out the booths.  Bill was my tailgunner, making sure no one bumped my foot that was hanging over the cart.  When we finished the booths, we checked out the car show.  They had everything from a horseless cart to a Rolls Royce with complete bar.   It was very crowded even with all the streets closed off.  

We left home at 10 am and didn't return until 3 pm.  I now have my leg elevated and an ice pack on my foot.  It did swell a little but there is no pain and it felt so good to be outdoors on such a gorgeous day.  While I did have shorts on, I didn't wear any flimsy sandal on my good foot.  I'm a little gun shy and don't want to take any chance of injuring that one.  

I did find a napkin holder for the Montana that I've been searching for that had a flat bottom so I can use my Museum Gel to keep it on the table.  

I came home and must have hit my poster board frame that holds my almost completed jigsaw.  The whole thing fell on the floor.  Oh well, back to the beginning.  

I did have a couple of calls, saying I haven't been blogging like I normally do.  I didn't think to mention that you can sign up for e-mail notification when I post.  Of course, there isn't much excitement in reading about a shattered heel.  

Sorry there are no photos, just no where to carry the camera or empty hands to take a shot.  

Maybe "Warden" Bill will let me go out and play tomorrow.

Turtle Safely..........

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