Wednesday, March 11, 2015

55th Escapade--Tuesday-Wednesday

Pima County Fairgrounds.
Site 15
Tucson, Arizona

Yesterday we enjoyed Johnny Goodrum's music and the Paul Evert happy hour.

We left Happy Hour a little early as we were going to dinner with Don and Sharon Del Rosario.  The last time we were in Tucson for a rally they showed us a restaurant.  When I knew we were going back to Tucson all I could remember was Mama Louisa's Italian Restaurant.  And thankfully, that's were Don drove to.  Zoe and John Macon also joined us.  The food and wine was excellent.  I won't say we talked a lot, but I think the restaurant was ready to close when we left.  
Today they had a free day pass for anyone wanting to come to the Escapade.  There were a lot of people here.  
Jay and Gina Hirt, Gerri and John Beckman and Judy George.
Dick George, Nick Schmidtz, Jay and Gina Hirt, John and Gerri Beckman and Judy George.

Bill and I attended the Care Seminar and also the Escapees Seminar.  It was nice to learn all the new things that will be rolled out soon.  

Here's the "young lady" who is responsible for the Escapees.  Kay Peterson and her late husband, Joe, started the club in 1978.  Kay is 88 years old and let me tell you she's the life of the Escapade party.  

We manned the information/lost and found booth this afternoon.  Jeri Williams came over to the booth and helped me with a few things on my blog.  She resized the photo, added the map, and changed the format on my labels.  She did it in no time at all.  Thanks, Jeri.  

 When the booth closed, we went to happy hour.  Someone even carried our chairs over for us and what a nice surprise it was.  

There were a lot less people at happy hour but we still had a good time.  

Our friends, Roger and Sharon have been sick the whole time they've been here.  They both made trips to Urgent Care.  We've missed spending time with them.

Don't you wonder how Molly and Bob Pinner manage to stay so energetic looking at the end of a day. 
  They've done a great job of keeping everything running smoothly.  

Turtle Safely.......

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