Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Escapade

Pima County Fairgrounds
Site 15
Tucson, Arizona

I had to say my apologizes to Bill this morning.  I have one of those great atomic clocks that never need to be changed.  Everyone knows about my calendar malfunctions, well, the clocks are in the same category.  It seems that I subtract the hours to  make the time correct.  Well, subtraction wasn't great this morning because I thought it was 7:30 and got up.  After awhile I noticed that the other clock said it was 6:15.  Now how could we be up all that time and it is now 6:15?  No problem, we'll go and get coffee and donuts at the Old Pueblo Hall well, maybe we'll have to wait for them to open.

The information/volunteer desk was very busy and we only have a few volunteer positions left.  Kay Peterson autographed her latest book for Sharon Del Rosario.  Can you believe Kay's 88?

I saw Jeri and Terry Williams and was surprised that they were wearing a first timers badge.  Next couple was Don Dement and Betty Dawson who also was wearing a first timers badge.  A short while later, Freddy and Delcie Prather showed up wearing a first timers badge.  I can't believe we know them, but not from an Escapade.  You'll leave here with some new friendships every single attendee.

It's so good to see friends you haven't seen for awhile.  I really like working the information/volunteer desk because there are so many people here, you wouldn't get to say "hi" to all of them.  Sherry and Dave arrived the same time John and Gerri Beckman checked in.  I don't think I mentioned that yesterday David and Lynn Cross stopped by.  

We were trying to close the booth so we could get over to the orientation meeting which was followed by the ice cream social.  Kay Peterson, founder, of the Escapees gave a great presentation.  She is 88 years old, but very young at heart.  She knows how to entertain the audience.  

Don Del Rosario and Chris Yust.

Sharon and Me with Chris and Charles Yust behind us.

Curtis Coleman of RVillage was sitting behind me.

The parade of chapter banners was next.  I think Dortha Hall, Chapter Director, said there were 44 chapters and 34 were on the row.  Naturally, we hooted and hollered when Chapter 45 and 21 and Rover's Roost Co-op went by.  Nick and Jeanne Schmidtz carried the banner for Chapter 45.

After the ice cream social we walked over to Paul Evert Happy Hour.  They had appetizers, draft beer and wine for all the attendees.  Kathy Perry came and introduced herself.  It seems when people see the scooter, they know it's me. Johnny Goodrum was great with the songs and music.  Needless, to say, we didn't dance.  Bill and I both enjoy his music and style. 

Bill wanted to take a painting class tomorrow, but it was filled.  No problem, there's a lot of classes, shopping, socializing, entertainment and food and drinks to enjoy.  The problem is finding enough time to do it all.  

The Rivoli Revue was the entertainment for the night.  We've seen them in the past, but that was fine.  They are perfect entertainment for a RV rally.  They sang funny songs about your awning flapping in the wind and another one about a smelly sewer hose.  They are very patriotic and you may have heard their song "Push One for English".  It was announced that u-tube has had 15 million hits from the song.  

Did I mention that the weather couldn't be any better?  More fun tomorrow.

Turtle Safely........


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