Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Walking Papers!

Casa Grande, Arizona

Bill and I decided we'd seen everything we wanted to see at the Good Sam Rally by Saturday.  Nearly all the seminars were repeated and I attended all the ones I wanted to attend.  We didn't even attend the Friday night entertainment as the winds started kicking up.  We'd seen the performers before and just wanted to sit back and put our feet up.  
Here's some tumbleweed that was blowing across the roadway and the reason we decided to leave Saturday morning to head back to Casa Grande.   With the Escapees Rally starting on the 6th, we wanted to have a few days break before the Escapade started.

You know that slogan about boys and their toys.  Our friend Neil, is trying to have the most toys.   His new Roadster is really pretty but Neil says it's not comfortable to drive.  The brake and accelerator are reversed.  

Neil did say that it has a corvette engine in it.  

Today we went to see my orthopaedic (orthopedic/foot and ankle specialist) doctor twice.  The first time we checked into the office on Higley only to find out that our appointment was at the San Tan office.  No problem, we were very early.  We left extra early this morning because there was so much fog.  By the time we got to I 10 the sun was shining and no hint of fog or traffic.  

I was immediately called back to get an x-ray.  This time I had to climb up on a stair thing so that they could take the x-ray with weight on the heel.  I had to stand on another area for a second x-ray that had a side view with weight on it.  

The doctor came into the examination room and showed us the x-ray.  He was very pleased with the mending of the bone.  He told me I can start walking on it with the use of a walker.  He wants me to have some physical therapy and see him in 3 weeks.  

I'm not suppose to go out for a walk, but at least be able to walk around inside.  I have to wear the boot all day long but hopefully by the next appointment, he'll set me free.  

Warden "Bill" is happy I received my walking papers but he's still worried about my falling.  Hopefully, he'll just relax and we can get back to whatever you'd call our normal life.

Bill and I were going to go the Western Heritage Days with Bud and Susie tonight.  I was totally exhausted and Bud had a lot to do before putting their coach in storage tomorrow.  They have to watch the weather closely and it looked like there was a two day window without snow in the forecast.  They wanted us to come over for happy hour, but after a big day like today I just wanted to curl up in my pj's  with Bill's arms around me.   

Turtle Safely.......   

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