Thursday, April 23, 2015


Sundance RV Resort
Casa Grande, AZ

The days really slip away quietly and then I have a hard time piecing them back.  

Bill had a followup with the Pain Center doctor after the results of the MRI.  Nothing new with his back other than the therapy is helping and he's decided to stay with that for the time being.  The doctor explained what they found on the MRI regarding the back, and there really wasn't anything new in the back department.  They did find something about an interior and exterior flap on the Aorta and some hemorrhaging.  She wanted us to see the cardiologist right away.  I told her we had an appointment on the 28th, but she suggested we go sooner.  

Bill saw the cardiologist yesterday and we took the MRI and results to him.  The doctor thinks it was probably a bad reading but he was due for his ultrasound so that is scheduled for the 13th and follow up with the doctor 48 hours later.  He had an aortic annuerism  many years ago.  In fact, it was discovered when daughter, Nikki and son in law, Nicky had just returned from the Republic of Georgia with their two adopted children and we were flying to Pittsburgh to see them.  Those kids aren't babies anymore.

Tuesday I saw my orthaepadic doctor for my fractured calcaneous (heel).  He said my movement was good except for the interior but improved from last visit.  I don't have to go back.  He said it's not uncommon to have pain for a year as it will take that long to heal, but after a year, if there is still pain, I need to go back.  I'm still happy with my results as I've been walking three weeks now and it won't be 4 months from the accident until next week.  That's way ahead of the minimum  six months that I was told.  I have a lot of limitations, and still haven't attempted to drive yet but, I'm not complaining. 

The third doctor visit this week was for my eyes.  I was given some more tests, and I will have to follow up whenever we get back in the fall.  Nothing new, yes glaucoma is coming, but so far I'm still on the border.  She was concerned about my optic nerve, but they'll be monitoring it.  

Enough of that old folks talk.  What do old people do besides talk about their doctor visits?  Yep, you're right!  We go out to eat.  Jim and Sandie Dixon and Paul Twitchell met us in Chandler at the Red Robin for lunch.  I originally suggested the Soup N Salad but when we were up there last week, it wasn't there anymore.  That would have been better for my expanding waistline, but the food was good and it was convenient.  I even took the camera and had it in my purse but we were so excited to see them I forgot all about taking a photo.  

My physical therapy is over but I still continue to do my exercises faithfully.  Bill is now starting three times a week.  He's very pleased with the results and glad we picked this physical therapist.  

Without all that back pain, Bill has been picking up his carving knife.  I told him he's acting like Michelangelo.  He has trouble sleeping worrying about how to finish his project.  In case you've never seen any of Michelangelo's work, when he painted the Sistine Chapel, he would stay up on the ceiling platform for a month at a time.  I hope I remembered that fact correctly.  
John and Karen Knoll are coming up in the morning.  Maybe I'll remember to take some photos.
I love it when I find the perfect thing.  I've had this Navajo pot for many years, but because of its shape just had it sitting in the corner.  Doesn't it look great on this stand I bought from Amazon?

Turtle Safely.......

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