Monday, June 29, 2015

I think Harry Truman doesn't like us.

Lee's Summit
Longview Campground
Site 73

Yesterday I drove and it was a very nice day but windy.  Since check in time was 3 pm at the campground,  we weren't in a hurry and decided to visit the Truman Presidential Museum & Library.  I did have to drive through downtown Kansas City and there was a lot of traffic and pot holes, but we arrived at the Museum unscathed.  I did my homework before we left and checked the museum  on google earth to make sure there was RV parking.  As we arrived I circled the museum twice.  Once looking for the RV parking, which when I found it, was roped off.  I circled again and figured I could park in the car lot as there was only one other car there.  The reason there was only one car was because it was closed for mechanical repairs.  

Last year when we came through the area, it was Sunday and they didn't open until 12 pm.  We were pulling the coach and were afraid it would be too late to arrive at our next destination. That's why we made such a point in coming this way again.  I really think Harry Truman doesn't want us to visit.  

I gave Bill the drivers seat when we checked in.  It was a back in and I just didn't want to attempt it.  We are at a county park with full hook ups (50 amp).  Not bad for $26 with our senior discount.  

This morning we left for sightseeing in Kansas City.  Traffic seemed to be better today than yesterday.  Our first stop was definitely the best.    If you are a regular blog reader you know how much we love visiting museums.  This one has to be one of the top ones.  We arrived just in time for the 10 am tour.  Our tour guide for the Arabia Steamboat Museum was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. 

The steamboat sank in 1856 in 15 feet of water with 200 tons of cargo.  Five men found the Arabi and recovered the cargo in a corn field using personal financing in 1988.  It was buried four stories deep.   
Bill and Matt Hawley

We watched a video and when it was over the grandson, Matt Hawley, came in to answer questions.  I can't imagine how exciting it would be to uncover these treasures daily.  
Matt told us that the exhibits have never been appraised but when Antique Roadshows was there, they asked if they could estimate a value.  They told them that the collections are priceless.  These are unused items in perfect condition from 1856.  
I'm sure most readers will remember seeing a program or two on this treasure find, but I must say being here is nothing like watching it on TV.  It is displayed so well and one section is the size of the steamboat.  

This lady demonstrated how they have to clean the objects and then freeze dry them. One third of the cargo is still in the "freezer" awaiting to be cleaned.

The objects in the left of this case are a piles of nails awaiting to be cleaned separately.

These are pickles that one of the men tasted and are as good and sweet as any today.  I don't know about you, but I've been guilty of eating food past the date stamp, but I don't know about trying something 132 years old.  

They also had samples of perfume to try but I also declined, Bill is wearing some.

Here's the original anchor and the wood flooring.  

I could go on and on about this place, but I don't want to spoil your visit.  This has to be at the top of your bucket list places to see.  

The Arabia Steamboat Museum is located in the historic City Market established in 1857.  
The City Market wasn't on our agenda, but what the heck, we were here weren't we?
Another good timing for us.  We were out of all fruits and veggies at home except for lettuce.  We both walked out with bags in both hands.  

Since we were in the vicinity of the Hallmark Visitor Center I wanted to tour it.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was free.  
We enjoyed the monitor that took our picture and it kept changing your crowns.  I've noticed all of a sudden most attractions now take a photo that is e-mailed to you.  

I'm disappointed this photo doesn't show this tree very well.
Everyone loves Maxine.

They also had a machine that tied bows and you received a complimentary bow as a souvenir.  

I must say we were very impressed with the Hallmark Visitor Center.  

We still had a little daylight left and the Money Museum was just down the street at the Federal Reserve Bank.  I was glad this was a free museum as we were both disappointed.  There was a glassed section where you could watch employees shred money and watch the robot.  The vault doors were open but other than the end of the hallway glassed section that was all you could see.  We've been to Fort Worth and seen the Bureau of Engraving and they really give a great tour.  We had to supply a photo ID, go through the metal detectors and wear your badge they gave us to enter.  I think it took longer to enter, than to see the exhibits.  

They did have an e-mail photo kiosk that put your picture on a bill and you designated the amount and background but the camera didn't work.  

At the exit they had bags of shredded money.  I can't believe the number of people that grabbed a bag.  I said to Bill I wonder what they'll do with that when they get home.  He said they'd probably start a fire and then they could say they have money to burn.  Now I wish I would have grabbed a bag for the next campfire.  

We headed for home, but checked out every business looking for a barber for Bill.  I won't say Bill is feeling desperate but I saw a Walmart and said he could probably get a haircut there. Can you believe he'd stop at one without a barber pole?  He was a little nervous, but no need to be.  There wasn't a hair salon in this one.  

We stopped at the Corps of Engineers campground near here to see if maybe they had a cancellation over the weekend, but we couldn't find anyone to ask.  

I forgot to mention that yesterday morning I received two return phone calls regarding finding a park in northern West Virginia.  One park had no vacancies for August or October. The other park said "yes".  It's a mobile home park but much more convenient for visiting the kids than any other ones.  It's much better than the dump that wanted $40 a night and a long drive to visit the kids.  

Turtle Safely.....

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