Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Only off by 33,248.

NRA Whittington Center
Raton, New Mexico
Site 51

Okay, I have to admit I made a tiny mistake in yesterday's blog, just a tiny one.  I said the Whittington Center was on 52 acres not the correct 33,300 acres.  It actually is 33,300 acres of outdoor recreation which is open to the public and you do not have to be a NRA member to come here.  This is supported by industry  sponsors, program fees and tax deductible contributions.

While there are shooting ranges from smallbore to 1000 yard 50 caliber, we saw no one on the ranges.  I suppose the competitive shooting is done on the weekends.  We drove out the south road for about 5 miles beyond the RV park.  Never passed one vehicle or saw anyone on the ranges.  They even have a cafeteria and restaurant.  There are some beautiful founders "cabins".   The NRA Whittington Adventure is the most dynamic outdoor skills program in the country for boys and girls ages 13-17 but we didn't see any youngsters here.  

The Santa Fe Trail goes through here.  Bill fell in love with one of the bronzes here.  

This herd of deer moved into the site next to us.  Sorry about the reflection in the photo.
Those tiny specks are one of the ranges.  They are all too far apart to see one next to it.

This sign was outside the Raton Visitors Center.  We were given a brochure on the downtown historic district tour.  There is absolutely no traffic in this town.
This corner building was the Palace Hotel which was erected in 1896.

The Swastika Hotel was built in 1929 and decorated at the roof line with the swastika, an Indian symbol of good luck.  After the German Nazi Party adopted the swastika during World War II, they renamed the hotel--The Yucca Hotel. 

I wanted Bill to drive up Goat Hill for a view of the town.  The lady at the Visitor Center said she heard there were a few pot holes.  

Goat Hill is where the flag is in the center of the photo.
This is what we saw from the top of Goat Hill.
We also saw huge potholes and lots of graffiti.  The Iridium Layer was down a worse dirt road.  I decided we weren't into an asteroid and called it quits.  

We drove back to the Whittington Center to visit their musuem.  
It's a beautiful facility.  
This was a first--you walk through the gift shop before the museum but the gift shops has everything from firearms to shoes and stuffed animals.  
Bill always enjoys the western firearm history.
 Naturally, he also loves the artistic talent of hand engraving.
The displays were easy to see and the cases were the right height for viewing.
I always wondered where my brother in law's name came from.  Do you think he's been holding out on us--Bayard Dave?

I didn't get any photos of the Mountain Man exhibit, but it was very interesting.
Bill and I stopped for dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant.  It was really excellent, but way too much food.  

Tomorrow we may visit the Philmont Scout Ranch or the Capulin Volcano National Mounument.  Or maybe we just might do nothing but enjoy this gorgeous area and watch the wildlife.  

Turtle Safely........

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