Sunday, June 28, 2015

Slowing Down

Prairie Band Casino
Mayetta, Kansas
Site #33

After our whirlwind tour of Topeka, we decided to relax for awhile.  

Bill needed a haircut so we drove up north about 10 miles to Holton.  We did find a shop with a barber pole (Bill won't get his haircut in a styling salon) but it had a closed sign.  It was located in the town square.  I love these quaint towns, however a quick search showed that was the only "barber" shop.  

Driving back south, we decided to see what Mayetta looked like.  The center of town had less than 10 businesses.  There were about three "antique" shops or what I would call a resale shop.  One of which was opened.  The only other open store was a cafe and auto repair place.  One "antique" store had a sign that gave a phone number and said to call if you wanted to buy something.  Would you say this was a laid back town?

Bill decided to drive the 17 miles to Topeka and visit the Kansas History Museum.  I must say this was well worth the visit, even if you aren't a history nut.  Everything was well displayed and they even had a train inside.  The lighting was "museum dim".  

On I noticed that the Kansas History Museum was listed and it said they had the original program with blood from the Lincoln assassination.  

There was so much in the museum and little annexes here and there that I couldn't find it.  Finally, I asked the girl in the gift shop if she knew where it was displayed.  She gave me a quizzical look and went over to her computer.  She said "yes, it says we have it."  She then tried to call someone and only got a voice mail.  Next she tried calling someone else and they didn't know.  Finally, a guy came in and said he interrupt the meeting and find out for us.  He came back a little later and said, it was a travelling exhibit and wasn't there anymore.  Oh well, it least we know why we couldn't find it.  

Bill found this turtle for me in the gift shop.  Not sure where I'll put it.
I forgot to mention that we went into the casino and used up our $25 credit each on our player's card.  Happily, we walked out with cash in our hands and also $25 credit for our RV site. 

Today we're moving over to Lee's Summit but we can't check in until 3 pm.  We're thinking of stopping at the Truman library on the way.    

Looks like another gorgeous day.  Thank you again weather gods.

Turtle Safely.......

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