Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A Man's Day in the Smokies

River Plantation RV Resort
Seveirville, Tennessee
Site 133

Yesterday I drove the rig from Crossville.  Had planned to take 140 over to Seveirville and missed my turn.  Oh well, I had practice driving through downtown Knoxville.  Now you ask, what could make Bill so happy?  Why my pulling into the RV park and backing it into our site.  Yep, I did it! 

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and went to the lazy river to have a dip in the pool before dinner.

Today we drove up to the nearby Smoky Mountain Knife Company.  There were four floors of merchandise.  It was full of men, but they didn't have any couches or chairs for the women to sit on.  Any type of knife from the tinest pocket knife to the biggest you could imagine, could be found there.  

We stopped there last year so I thought we'd get through the store sooner this year.  After a couple of hours, we went up to the register to pay.  They have clerks everywhere, and you just give them your name and what number door you entered and they take your merchandise to that checkout.  Of course, by the time you checkout, you forgot about all the things you were buying.    
Bill did get a very nice Masonic pocket knife.  He was going to buy one last year, but by the time we went through the whole store, we forgot to go back and get it.  

Now what else could make a man happy?  We are now in Yuengling country and he can buy his favorite beer.  

The Montana's really rolled in today.  It was so nice seeing friends we haven't seen in a year.  There are a few new owners that have never before attended.  

Meet and Greet is always the kick off event and this one was great.  It's unreal the amount of food that was out, and nearly every dish was empty, by the time the evening was over.

All this fun and Bill's birthday isn't until tomorrow.  
Ted Uhler also has a birthday tomorrow, but we figured out Bill is old enough to be Ted's father.  Bill will be 79 tomorrow.  

Let the fun begin, this is only the first day of the rally.  

Turtle Safely...........

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