Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Can 16 Million Be Wrong?

Seven Points Campground
Hermitage, Tennessee
Site #57

Yesterday we were on the road before 9 am as it was suppose to be hot and rainy.  As it turned out, thank you again, weather gods, we had no rain.  Bill drove over US 64, US 43, Hwy 31, and finally to  I65 where he encountered heavy traffic.  One thing we did notice was that diesel was $2.25 in Lawrenceberg but when we got to the Nashville area it is $2.50.  

As we pulled into the Corp of Engineers Park, the park host looked at our fifth wheel and said he didn't think we'd fit in the site.  Bill proved him wrong. 
 It was a lot of dodging trees but it fit.   

The patio area is huge along with the mosquitoes.

Today we went to visit  Andrew Jackson's Hermitage--Home of the People's President.  Were we ever impressed!  First off let me explain that it has been existence since 1889.  The Hermitage is operated by the Andrew Jackson Foundation (formerly the Ladies Hermitage Association)
a non profit 501(c)3 and receives no ongoing government support.  Admission was $17 for a senior and was money very well spent.  Over sixteen million people from around the world have visited it.

We arrived shortly after they opened and were there 4 and half hours.  As we entered, we were pleasantly surprised when we were handed audio headsets.  These were the kind that you program in the number corresponding to the exhibit.  These weren't you boring monotone, fact and figures.  They told the stories of the people and the time.  

I never like to blog too much about a place, just hope you'll think it's worth seeing when you are in the area.  This is well worth making a trip to Nashville just to see this mansion and plantation.  We've seen a lot of the plantations along the Natches Trace but nothing that can compare with this.  

There are over 1,000 acres on this plantation.  We walked up a "War Path" to the mansion.  This path was lined with trees transplanted from the battlefields Jackson fought in.  

As we walked up to the mansion we were greeted by docents in period clothing.  These were not volunteers but paid employees.  Photos were not allowed in the mansion.  This wasn't a mansion with reproduced artifacts.  Nearly all of the wallpaper, rugs, furniture, and accessories were all original.  We were told that the front entrance hall wallpaper had been touched up with paint in some areas.  
Notice the White House look.  The bricks are all red that were painted white on the front of the mansion, but not painted on the rear.

The docents told the love story of Andrew and Rachael and the influence that love had in some of his decisions. 

There are over 30 buildings and lots of walking.  Thankfully, my foot was cooperating very well today.  The weather was sunny and with a slight breeze.  It was a perfect day to walk the grounds.  
Someone offered to take our photo so I don't know whose fingers are in the picture.  This was the back of the mansion.
There is still water in the well.

Alfred, was the slave servant for Jackson.
These are the actual furnishing for Alfred's cabin.

Did I mention how gorgeous the grounds were?  Magnolia?
The nature walk is a mile and half beyond the spring house. We decided we had too much to see, to spent time on the nature walk.  Now that we're done, I'm so glad we didn't add that to our 4 and half hours on our feet.  
 The Jackson's lived here shortly after they were married and before the mansion was built.

This is the view from their first cabin to the back of the mansion.

 One of my favorite areas was the gardens. 

This is the Jackson's Tomb, where he and Rachael are buried.
All this walking, listening to the audio, and we still have more to see and do.  

The museum was very tastefully done.  
This is Jackson's carriage.  It's so hard to believe all the items that have been preserved.

I must say I'm glad we saved the musuem towards the end of our day as it was air conditioned and there was a lot of seating.  
Here's a copy of the map that we needed to find everything (well most of  everything).

How do you like the new twenty dollar bill?

Or how about this one?  I heard the government wants to change the face on it.  

There was a very nice gift shop and cafe, but we both had noticed a Steak and Shake down the street and we haven't visited one since we've been east.
Yep, lunch was good but the milk shakes hit the spot.  

On our way home we spotted a Home Depot with gas and diesel pumps.  That's a first time we've seen this. 

Turtle Safely........

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