Sunday, July 12, 2015

We Hit the Rails

Jackson RV Park
Jackson, Tennessee

Yesterday morning LC came over to show us his "outfit".  Marilyn made his vest the other evening.  

We took a trip on the St. Louis Iron Mountain & Southern Railway yesterday.  There were two coach cars which were pulled by a 1950 Pennsylvania diesel.  L C went ahead as he had an assignment, so we took Marilyn with us.  They had a problem with train generator so it was very warm.  We sat in the dining car.  I'm not sure how far the train went, but I think it took two hours for the ride.  
This is all run by volunteers.  They had a special Native American day which included a speaker teaching us about the language and culture.  Marilyn and I both spent a whole dollar on a slurpee which really hit the spot.  

After we turned around the train was stopped by bandits outside of Iron Mountain Junction.

I thought I recognized this robbers vest.
Some passengers just kept on eating their Colonel Sanders chicken.  He even had a rubber chicken in the bucket but the robbers weren't interested in it. 
The passengers were treated to cold lemonade and watermelon after their robbery ordeal.

There were some cute games played for both adults and kids.

It was hot, no getting around it, but it was so much fun you almost forgot about the heat.  

This building had Boyer on the nameplate.  Do you think the Boyer's are buying another homestead?

Can you imagine the fun this group of volunteers had building this little village?
The tombstones were hilarious, reminded me of Boot Hill in Tombstone.  

I had heard that LC used to be in the rodeo but I think his horse might need some vitamins.  

As with most bad guys, they finally get caught.

They did have a coloring contest for all ages.  Bill won but I think it was because he was the oldest person on the train. 

It was great fun and the volunteers did a great job.  

We went back home to cool off a little before we walked over to the nearby Mexican restaurant.  

They had jumbo (24 ounces) margaritas for $5.00.  Well it was a sale, so Marilyn and I both ordered them.  They were huge.  

The food was delicious and we cleaned our plates.  It took a little work, but we managed to empty our glasses.

Do you think Marilyn was disappointed that it was all gone?

This morning I drove and of course, found the interstate closed where I wanted to cross the Mississippi.  

We're in Jackson, Tennessee  at a very overpriced dumpy RV park.  Yes, we did cross the Mississippi and Bill was pouting the whole way across the bridge.  

We rode down to tour Casey Jones museum and home.  We walked into the buffet first and there were so many people  we just turned and walked back out.  I decided I just wanted to go home and cool off and not have to fight the crowds.  

Turtle Safely......

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